art photos: Piper

Before the dress comes off…

The Nudist Warms Up

I still have to fix yup the photos and video clips from my shoot on the ninth with Piper. It’s going to take a while to fully utilize everything too because i really like the bulk of material here. She’s a real looker, a natural beauty beach girl, fit and fresh faced. So not shy with fully revealing herself for the camera too.

“I’m a nudist,” she explained when I told her how happy I was that she wasn’t stingy in front of the camera.

Here’s a teaser, some three of the first shots we took in the back room at the shop.




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Members’ content coming up

This is a fine 22 year-old recent graduate of University of California, Berkeley. Look for her photo set soon in the members’ section. Not a member yet? Aww, join now.




I love the bendy ones

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new talent: Piper Ferrell

We’re getting more organized here, and will be adding a Members Content section soon with links to exclusively members’ files, photo galleries and videos. Then this blog section can just go off on any tangent we want and for all you art pervs who just want to go straight to the good stuff you won’t have to sift through post after post of updates and random musings. But then hey if you want it it’ll be still here.

Anyway. I shot some fun stuff yesterday and today with, I’ll call her, Piper. Piper Ferrell, she’s a wild one. Bendy too, as you can see from the samples here. I guess she’s an accomplished yoga enthusiast and a trained dancer, too. When you see the photos and video you’ll understand what I’m talking about but she’s got a lot of skill, and is one whip smart bitch. I like her a lot. She’s 22 and not shy or stingy at all. I always like the bendy ones.

Dramatic yoga pose.
Dramatic yoga pose.
I didn't even have to ask her for this one. She just did it, to my amazement.
I didn’t even have to ask her for this one. She just did it, to my amazement.

art photo: Rich on Desolation Road

After Midnight

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Had to drive around for a while looking for empty streets. It was late but this one posed and got some good work with her again.

I love art photography.

I probably already said this, but I am opening up a gallery section for art photos HERE.

Art photos alone after midnight.
Art photos alone after midnight.

the gorgeous Riley Reynolds amid AEE 2016 Vegas carnality

new talent: Riley Reynolds

Some of the erotic beauty on parade in Vegas at the 2016 Adult Entertainment Expo was unbelievably outstanding

Originally posted on the Reviewer Press Blog HERE.

Photo and video by Reviewer Rob

“Milling around on the last day at the 2016 Adult Entertainment Expo, at Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, meeting the girls in the big round dome show room, 1-23-16. Reviewer Rob says hello to Riley Reynolds at 6:23 or so. She’s looking HOT…”

I captioned the Youtube video that’s posted below with the above text. Riley Reynolds was a stunning blue-eyed blond I had shot photos of the day before then noticed on the Expo floor the next day, not realizing she was one of the girls in the pictures from the previous day till after I reviewed the video. She seemed more poised and well-mannered than a lot of the girls sometimes are. It was almost like, as they say, she comes from a good home, or something, and she’s got a glamor appearance that a sultry blond only has. Plus she looks and talks like a girl you’d meet in church on Sunday, who would sit politely with her family, making sincere eye contact with the Baptist minister warning his flock to stay away from the works of the devil.

Then I googled her name and immediately found this torture porn video where she’s tied up, fully restrained and being suspended from the ceiling while two guys in medical masks sodomize and mouth fuck her as she intermittently begs them to stop. Custom videos can be ordered from her via her Clips4Sale page.

Apparently you never can tell by looks alone, can you.

Riley Reynolds at 2016 AEE, photo by Reviewer Magazine.
Riley Reynolds at 2016 AEE, photo by Reviewer Magazine.
Riley Reynolds at 2016 AEE, photo by Reviewer Magazine.
Riley Reynolds at 2016 AEE, photo by Reviewer Magazine.
Riley Reynolds at 2016 AEE, photo by Reviewer Magazine.
Riley Reynolds at 2016 AEE, photo by Reviewer Magazine.
Riley Reynolds at 2016 AEE, photo by Reviewer Magazine.
Riley Reynolds at 2016 AEE, photo by Reviewer Magazine.

Boob Munch

Outtake from Barbie and Ken

Enjoying the titty shoot.



Barbie and Ken get naked

It Was To Be An Intimate Couples Shoot

These guys contacted me and were pretty hip to do a couples shoot on the beach at sunset, then afterwards they wanted to take some intimate nudes at my place. They both provided valid id’s for proof of age and signed the models’ releases so I agreed to do it with them.

Back at my place I cleared a spot on the living groom floor and put out a blanket for them to get down on and pose together and then had him spank her ass a bit. She had a really cute ass. He was getting into it and was clearly having a good time when she gritted her teeth and suddenly blurted out to her boyfriend, “enjoy it while you can!,” because in private she’d not likely be spanked so passively.

I got the impression that being naked with each other was something they were very used to but that doing it in front of a stranger was a new experience. As is often the case with real couples there was the thrill of performance and after getting over the initial awkwardness it looked like it was fun for them to try out. I don’t know if they ever went on to any other professional actual nude modeling work but this was something to cross off their bucket list.