Madonna SEX Clip

Video of Madonna in the early 1990’s making her book SEX

As you know dear reader, we here at the X Blog are obsessed with early-to-mid 1990’s Madonna action. So it is with great joy I bring to you now this video clip I found today that was shot during the making of that famous and iconic “Naked Hitchhiking” image inside her book SEX, published by Warner Books – Maverick – Callaway, on October 22, 1992.

Look at that yoga-perfect figure, those pert tits, that well trimmed little crash pad…

The location was said to be somewhere in Miami, shot by Steven Meisel in 1992. The spot can still be found but good luck trying to find a model to match the style and aura of Madonna, because there was only one juicy Material Girl, and you’ve got to love the lady for her chutzpah. We need more female pop stars like her. Well, at least ONE more.

Click HERE or on the photo below for the video.

Enjoy, you pervy pervs.

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Madonna hitchhiking naked somewhere in Miami during the shooting of her book SEX.
Madonna hitchhiking naked somewhere in Miami during the shooting of her book SEX. Image used here under Fair Use Statute.

Crazy Luka

Incoming: freaky crazy Luka

Sometime tonight I am going to write a news piece about a “hot stripper that is returning to Vegas”. She asked me via Facebook to post pics and write a kind of press release for her about this. She goes by the name of Luka and looks to be a freaky ball of sex and trouble. Luka says she wants to do gang bang porn and make money working the stripclubs of Sin City and dealing in the casinos, and then go back to her oil field job in Alaska during the off season, so we’ll see. All I know is I have to get my laundry done now and then finish up my 2015 taxes tonight and make a dent in two mainstreamish reviews for the Press blog before handling this special request. (Didn’t work out that way; still haven’t gotten on my taxes yet.) The things we do for lust.

As most often happens I met her online when she sent a friend request to me after seeing my association with an mentally disturbed alternative writer who was in a self-destructive spiral. Things like that often spark the libido of these stripper bitches, that and drugs. Although I’m not a user, she is, shortly after beginning our correspondence three years ago she got pregnant and married in quick succession.

Now I found out her marriage has imploded and she’s been kicked out of her house and her parents have custody of her kids. So she’s looking for a new start, heh heh. I’m here to help.

The pictures I’ve seen of her now (she texted me some nudes back then and recently with scantily clad selfies) looks like her young early-to-mid twentysomething figure has stayed intact. So hopefully we’ll meet up soon in Vegas or LA and get some content for you dear readers hungry for her sweet naked flesh.

We. Shall. See.

#pussygrabbing #porngirls #titsassandpussy

Crazy Luka.
Crazy Luka.
Crazy Luka.
Crazy Luka.

The Runners Legs

Form & Function

This girl was an attractive non-model that I met in San Diego and photographed solely because I liked the muscle tone to her legs. She was a competitive runner who I invited back to my place hoping to do nudes, but not counting on it because I sensed it would be her first time naked in front of the camera. We did two shoots. The first time was in the evening the day after we’d met and it went well although she was having a hard time loosening up. I was able to get her nude but she was laughing and tense in an excited I-can’t-believe-I’m-doing-this-now sort of way.


As we finished she suggested we shoot early in the morning after she ran because her body would have less water weight to it, or some reason like that. So we made plans to shoot the next day. I overslept and woke up to her calling my cell phone saying that she was knocking on my door but no one was answering. Jumping out of bed, I let her in, apologizing and saying I was an asshole.

This time she knew exactly what we were doing and quickly undressed, asking me if I wanted any oil on her skin. I said yes and my heartbeat picked up a bit. Her body looked like a finely tuned machine. I needed photos of it.

The picture below was exactly what I’d wanted. When I told her this her smile was a real thing of beauty. I had been looking to do this shot for a few weeks before I met her and just needed the right subject. It took a while to get because the model had to be gently coaxed into this position but this is it as far as gesture and lighting goes.

She had asked me if I wanted her to take off the ankle chain. “No,” I said, “it looks great.”

The Runners Legs
The Runners Legs