When We First Introduced You To Kajira Bound

FIRST TIME VIDEO: Kajira Bound Happily Face Fucking [Editor’s note: as of now the links to this post have been corrected. They were misdirecting to a dead page but Members can try them again.] When I met Kajira online back in like 2011 or early 2012 (I’d have to look it up to get the … Continue reading When We First Introduced You To Kajira Bound

Members Content: Kajira Climaxes

Dildo Grinding Videos These two videos of Kajira Bound appeared previously but it was before the whole URL changeover. So I needed to get them up again. Kajira is one sexy hot bitch in this scene where she fucks herself on my living-room carpet in front of a large mirror I set up for her. … Continue reading Members Content: Kajira Climaxes

Kajira’s Solo Vibrator Party

Kajira Bound Fucks Herself to Orgasm With A Vibrator Okay, I’ve uploaded two flash versions of the videos I recorded of the beautiful Kajira bringing herself to climax with a vibrator I bought her for this purpose earlier in the day from the Barnett Avenue bookstore. In the past I’ve had a fascination with the … Continue reading Kajira’s Solo Vibrator Party