Barbie and Ken get naked

It Was To Be An Intimate Couples Shoot

These guys contacted me and were pretty hip to do a couples shoot on the beach at sunset, then afterwards they wanted to take some intimate nudes at my place. They both provided valid id’s for proof of age and signed the models’ releases so I agreed to do it with them.

Back at my place I cleared a spot on the living groom floor and put out a blanket for them to get down on and pose together and then had him spank her ass a bit. She had a really cute ass. He was getting into it and was clearly having a good time when she gritted her teeth and suddenly blurted out to her boyfriend, “enjoy it while you can!,” because in private she’d not likely be spanked so passively.

I got the impression that being naked with each other was something they were very used to but that doing it in front of a stranger was a new experience. As is often the case with real couples there was the thrill of performance and after getting over the initial awkwardness it looked like it was fun for them to try out. I don’t know if they ever went on to any other professional actual nude modeling work but this was something to cross off their bucket list.