Remembering Felicia

Asphyxia Noir was one of the best and most natural models I’ve ever met. Working with her was great because, although slightly crazy, she was really casual in front of the camera and a true performer. She’s pretty much retired from art porn now but here’s a series of eye-licking shots I did with her and her then-husband Billy Antiseptic when I shot with them at their apartment in Los Angeles in December of 2012. She’d play a sub but at heart she was really a dom. Total wild/crazy control freak, but if she gave you the reins that pony could take you for quite a ride.

Dollar-for-dollar she was the best value of any art/porn model at the time. I wish her the best in all her further endeavors…

Asphyxia Noir and her then-husband the fashion designer Billy Antiseptic at home together in their downtown Los Angeles co-op style walk up flat.