Lilly Raine Ass & Pussy!

Cunty Butt

A video frame GALLERY of Miss Lilly Raine and her dripping wet pussy is up. Good god she’s got a sexy hot juicy twat! She shaves her pubic region in my shower (saying bashfully, “Not even my boyfriend gets to see this!”) and then paints her toenails on the dining room floor. She stretches out some yoga style moves as she does a back bend and unashamedly bends over deeply for the camera.

The 18:44 minute-long Members video, previously posted as flash, where these images were taken from is HERE as an mp4 coded now in html.

For the video frame gallery CLICK HERE OR ON THE PICS BELOW.

Lilly Raine
Lilly Raine
Lilly Raine
Lilly Raine
Lilly Raine
Lilly Raine
Lilly Raine
Lilly Raine

Meeting Hannah Haddix

Fetish Occult Witch Chaos Magician

Hannah Haddix is all of these things.

Below are some Vimeo video of the non-fetish parts of the shoot, the interview parts. Scroll down for pictures of more.

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Six hours of shooting condensed into one hour and five minutes, all in big high resolution format. This video encompasses from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.. LesRevue Members can see the whole movie in glorious 1920×1080 hi-rez by clicking HERE. ~Les

Meeting Hannah Haddix, Occult Witch & Fetish Performer
from Reviewer on Vimeo.

Fetish model Hannah Haddix with a tutorial on Sex Magic and her time with Psychic TV from Reviewer on Vimeo.

Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah

Young Mother

Slap That Ass

This single mom was making money on the side as a fetish model so I had her do an over-the-knee spanking shoot. The two-shot here is from when we were starting the session. On the left is her butt pre-spank. At right is obviously after I gave her a good spankin’ with my bare, cupped hand.

Afterwards I took her and her kid out to dinner at a local bar-restaurant of her choice (she knew the area, I was from a much different part of town).

While she and I were waiting for our order and drinking our beers her pre-adolescent son was off climbing around on other tables and up and down the walls, she whined that her butt hurt, haha. Good sport she was, she was still very willing to shoot again. A cool, fun mom.

Bare hand spanking a fetish pro. Before and after photos of her red ass.


Remembering Felicia

Asphyxia Noir was one of the best and most natural models I’ve ever met. Working with her was great because, although slightly crazy, she was really casual in front of the camera and a true performer. She’s pretty much retired from art porn now but here’s a series of eye-licking shots I did with her and her then-husband Billy Antiseptic when I shot with them at their apartment in Los Angeles in December of 2012. She’d play a sub but at heart she was really a dom. Total wild/crazy control freak, but if she gave you the reins that pony could take you for quite a ride.

Dollar-for-dollar she was the best value of any art/porn model at the time. I wish her the best in all her further endeavors…

Asphyxia Noir and her then-husband the fashion designer Billy Antiseptic at home together in their downtown Los Angeles co-op style walk up flat.


Light And Shadow

As you know, dear reader, the technique of Chiaroscuro, as developed by the Renaissance masters, refers to how light and shadow adds to a composition. I started out striving to use the principle far more than I do now. But I’m coming back to it. I’ve always liked to play with the shapes of a model’s form in an image and how light wraps around her body, especially at dusk with ambient sun or indoors with minimal illumination.

Some images picked at random, one or two of them I may have posted before but whatever I wanted to use them to make a point:

Fluorescent light and a staircase at night.
After the sun went down, with no flash.
Low light in a gymnastic studio and a contortionist model, show with an analog f1.4 wide open at iso 400 (if I recall).
Video frame grab of a model warming up in between nude photos.

Coming Back To Adult Entertainment

Rory Tonic: Still Skinny After A Litter Of Kids

Rory Tonic finds herself missing the thrill of the porno limelight, as one does, ten years after her video debut in Dana Dearmond’s ROLE MODELING, from Eon McKai’s briefly managed VIVID ALT. It was a big first time on screen and had a lot of people talking. Then, just as fast as she appeared, she dropped out of the adult industry at the age of 20.

Back in the days of Myspace I was a bit fixated on the antics of the East Coast Baltimore/D.C. porn crew at Supercult. I enoyed a vicarious thrill from their gritty no-bullshit heavily tattooed adult-realityshow messageboard lifestyles. Then, slowly at first, things changed. Members got jobs or moved away, got married, had kids or got serious about their careers. Facebook soon made Myspace inert and their messageboard grew un-updated and eventually went offline.

Time passed and I watched Rory Tonic get pregnant on Facebook. Recently I asked her to text some selfies to me from her phone for LesRevue and to see what her body looks like at 30 years-old after giving birth to two or three kids. I was impressed. The hot little art model is still as lean and rad as she was back in her alt-porn message board days of 2006 to 2009. Looks like she picked up some tips with the lighting and posing too from her time with the pornographers as well.

“I see these pictures from AEE in Vegas and I miss all that,” Rory said to me over the phone, clearly pining to get back on set and film. Maybe she and her boyfriend will shoot some more good POV action like the video clips she sent along with these pics. The video I’ll keep to myself, for now. But enjoy the show, and let’s hope Rory makes it back to Art-Pornville.

The innocent smile of Rory Tonic.
Rory Tonic, 21 selfies, click the pic for the explicit members gallery of her today

The Runners Legs

Form & Function

This girl was an attractive non-model that I met in San Diego and photographed solely because I liked the muscle tone to her legs. She was a competitive runner who I invited back to my place hoping to do nudes, but not counting on it because I sensed it would be her first time naked in front of the camera. We did two shoots. The first time was in the evening the day after we’d met and it went well although she was having a hard time loosening up. I was able to get her nude but she was laughing and tense in an excited I-can’t-believe-I’m-doing-this-now sort of way.


As we finished she suggested we shoot early in the morning after she ran because her body would have less water weight to it, or some reason like that. So we made plans to shoot the next day. I overslept and woke up to her calling my cell phone saying that she was knocking on my door but no one was answering. Jumping out of bed, I let her in, apologizing and saying I was an asshole.

This time she knew exactly what we were doing and quickly undressed, asking me if I wanted any oil on her skin. I said yes and my heartbeat picked up a bit. Her body looked like a finely tuned machine. I needed photos of it.

The picture below was exactly what I’d wanted. When I told her this her smile was a real thing of beauty. I had been looking to do this shot for a few weeks before I met her and just needed the right subject. It took a while to get because the model had to be gently coaxed into this position but this is it as far as gesture and lighting goes.

She had asked me if I wanted her to take off the ankle chain. “No,” I said, “it looks great.”

The Runners Legs
The Runners Legs

art photos: Piper

Before the dress comes off…

The Nudist Warms Up

I still have to fix yup the photos and video clips from my shoot on the ninth with Piper. It’s going to take a while to fully utilize everything too because i really like the bulk of material here. She’s a real looker, a natural beauty beach girl, fit and fresh faced. So not shy with fully revealing herself for the camera too.

“I’m a nudist,” she explained when I told her how happy I was that she wasn’t stingy in front of the camera.

Here’s a teaser, some three of the first shots we took in the back room at the shop.




I love the bendy ones

[art photos]

new talent: Piper Ferrell

We’re getting more organized here, and will be adding a Members Content section soon with links to exclusively members’ files, photo galleries and videos. Then this blog section can just go off on any tangent we want and for all you art pervs who just want to go straight to the good stuff you won’t have to sift through post after post of updates and random musings. But then hey if you want it it’ll be still here.

Anyway. I shot some fun stuff yesterday and today with, I’ll call her, Piper. Piper Ferrell, she’s a wild one. Bendy too, as you can see from the samples here. I guess she’s an accomplished yoga enthusiast and a trained dancer, too. When you see the photos and video you’ll understand what I’m talking about but she’s got a lot of skill, and is one whip smart bitch. I like her a lot. She’s 22 and not shy or stingy at all. I always like the bendy ones.

Dramatic yoga pose.
Dramatic yoga pose.
I didn't even have to ask her for this one. She just did it, to my amazement.
I didn’t even have to ask her for this one. She just did it, to my amazement.

Remembering Nico Elise

Sweet little Nico Elise,
she liked to go by the name “The Female GG Allin”.

In 2008 Nico Elise was a very cute sex model who, at 4-foot-9, was for some reason also going by the title of “The Female GG Allin”. At the time she seemed so vulnerable and fragile I couldn’t know of a less appropriate name for this nice tender little morsel. But there you go. Sometimes these girls just want to dabble in the dark side for a while.

This is one of my very early video interviews and I’m pretty sure I shot it with my Nikon CoolPix non-SLR. I wanted to get a scoop from an up-and-coming new adult video actress, and one day I discovered east-coast model Nico Elise was in California and available in Hollywood for a shoot. I was already well aware of her from another website and I think I’d also been sent a review DVD of a video she was in with Joanna Angel and other big porn names like that.

I cancelled all my other appointments and drove up from San Diego, picking her up on Hollywood Boulevard to take her over to the rented apartment of a writer I knew in film school and living in the area behind the CNN building.

Admittedly, my interview style here is pretty awful. Unable to curb my zeal to talk, I interrupt her a couple of times mid-answer. Bad bad bad interviewer I was, and sometimes still am, unfortunately. I’m trying to get better at it though. Listening to the pro radio journalist Terri Gross on NPR helps. I’ve studied her style pretty well for a while now and she’s about the best when it comes to calmly talking to a subject and waiting for him or her to finish their full answer. Then she’ll come back with a probing interview question that often amazes.

But enough about me and Terri Gross.

Don’t expect any of that magic trickery here though. Nico Elise was a lovely hottie and I’m just a guy with a handheld video camera and a nude model. Here in 2008 Nico was in the middle of getting out of her first marriage, a pretty bad one too. She was hitched to with a porn webmaster that turned out had some real problems with mistreating and disrespecting women. I think today he’s either in jail or up on charges and awaiting trial.

So fast-forward to now: little Nico’s an artist and currently married again — six years going — with a new kid, and she seems to be one-hundred percent happier, and that’s very good for her.

This is kind of a snapshot of where things were at in 2008, which was a tough time for a lot of people. I’m very glad she’s in a better place.

flash | html5

Nico Elise presents id for proof of age.
Nico Elise presents id for proof of age.
Nico Elise, my art model, 2008, Hollywood, California.
Nico Elise, my art model, 2008, Hollywood, California.