Meeting Hannah Haddix

Fetish Occult Witch Chaos Magician

Hannah Haddix is all of these things.

Below are some Vimeo video of the non-fetish parts of the shoot, the interview parts. Scroll down for pictures of more.

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Six hours of shooting condensed into one hour and five minutes, all in big high resolution format. This video encompasses from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.. LesRevue Members can see the whole movie in glorious 1920×1080 hi-rez by clicking HERE. ~Les

Meeting Hannah Haddix, Occult Witch & Fetish Performer
from Reviewer on Vimeo.

Fetish model Hannah Haddix with a tutorial on Sex Magic and her time with Psychic TV from Reviewer on Vimeo.

Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah
Occult Hannah

You May Have Asked About This Girl

K8 doing the backbend cover shot.
K8 doing the backbend cover shot, at 10:49. Cover Shot With K8

Video Of The Back Bend Cover Shot With K8

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Lots of people comment on the striking redhead doing the back-bend photo. They always like it and so did I the moment I saw it in my camera’s preview. Here’s the video of it being taken, not as a reenactment but the actual shoot. K8 was a pale skinned free-thinking hippie girl living a life of fun and art modeling, with undamaged 19 year-old skin that looks almost translucent under the slave lights here.

I contacted her in 2011, the waning days of Myspace if I remember correctly, and she agreed to come over to do photos and video after a paid shoot that day which was in the same area as my studio/apartment in Sunset Cliffs. I think she was doing a low-tide beach cave shoot. Or maybe it was down on the tide pools because it was a full moon or something. Anyway, this was in early 2011 and I still had a non-SLR point-and-shoot video camera (might have been my red Kodak) and I had this up on a tripod as I maneuvered and squirmed around on the carpet in front of her shooting still photos with my Nikon D80.

The other pics are pretty erotic. I caught other angles of her deep reverse back-bend and some incredible ass shots where she’s on all fours with her juicy butt up in the air. Pretty hot.

I had almost forgot about this video when I rediscovered it on a hard drive. The photos are so good from the shoot I’ve been really happy with just those. But hey I filled out and she signed a model’s release for all of it so here it is. I like this history.

K8 and I inspecting and admiring the image in the preview screen.
K8 and I inspecting and admiring the image in the preview screen, at 11:11. Cover Shot With K8
A little later in the shoot, when I got plenty of shots on video and in still photos of K8's awesome punk ass and pussy on display. This fine art model was stretching it for me here.
A little later in the shoot, when I got plenty of shots on video and in still photos of K8’s awesome pink ass and sweet pussy on display. This fine art model was stretching it for me here. Cover Shot With K8

When We First Introduced You To Kajira Bound

FIRST TIME VIDEO: Kajira Bound Happily Face Fucking

[Editor’s note: as of now the links to this post have been corrected. They were misdirecting to a dead page but Members can try them again.]

When I met Kajira online back in like 2011 or early 2012 (I’d have to look it up to get the exact timeline) she was living with her boyfriend in the Midwest, making money doing the nude fetish model thing and wanting to get into porn as an adult actress.

I was just looking for a nude art model who wasn’t full of all sorts of rules about what she wouldn’t do.

Man did I find the right one with her. Little did I know I was in for a model that was out of my league, or I was out of my league with her is maybe the right way of saying it. I mean, she was a bondage fetishist that I could in no way keep up with. We had fun though and shot for a few days at my apartment in Ocean Beach. Before she arrived she had sent me some videos of her performing requested fetishistic activities, one being her and her man doing a bj scene on the computer video camera.

Since then she’s done a bunch of work for some major sites and has developed a following so I know a lot of you pervs want to see her “first time”. Here it is.

It’s the first video produced of Kajira Bound, and she’s being delicately throat fucked by her boyfriend. –> Enjoy the show.

Kajira Bound, in her FIRST EVER only video sex scene. Members can click the pic for the video from 2012-ish.
Kajira Bound, in her FIRST EVER only video sex scene. Members can click the pic for the video from 2012-ish.

Crazy Luka

Incoming: freaky crazy Luka

Sometime tonight I am going to write a news piece about a “hot stripper that is returning to Vegas”. She asked me via Facebook to post pics and write a kind of press release for her about this. She goes by the name of Luka and looks to be a freaky ball of sex and trouble. Luka says she wants to do gang bang porn and make money working the stripclubs of Sin City and dealing in the casinos, and then go back to her oil field job in Alaska during the off season, so we’ll see. All I know is I have to get my laundry done now and then finish up my 2015 taxes tonight and make a dent in two mainstreamish reviews for the Press blog before handling this special request. (Didn’t work out that way; still haven’t gotten on my taxes yet.) The things we do for lust.

As most often happens I met her online when she sent a friend request to me after seeing my association with an mentally disturbed alternative writer who was in a self-destructive spiral. Things like that often spark the libido of these stripper bitches, that and drugs. Although I’m not a user, she is, shortly after beginning our correspondence three years ago she got pregnant and married in quick succession.

Now I found out her marriage has imploded and she’s been kicked out of her house and her parents have custody of her kids. So she’s looking for a new start, heh heh. I’m here to help.

The pictures I’ve seen of her now (she texted me some nudes back then and recently with scantily clad selfies) looks like her young early-to-mid twentysomething figure has stayed intact. So hopefully we’ll meet up soon in Vegas or LA and get some content for you dear readers hungry for her sweet naked flesh.

We. Shall. See.

#pussygrabbing #porngirls #titsassandpussy

Crazy Luka.
Crazy Luka.
Crazy Luka.
Crazy Luka.

I love the bendy ones

[art photos]

new talent: Piper Ferrell

We’re getting more organized here, and will be adding a Members Content section soon with links to exclusively members’ files, photo galleries and videos. Then this blog section can just go off on any tangent we want and for all you art pervs who just want to go straight to the good stuff you won’t have to sift through post after post of updates and random musings. But then hey if you want it it’ll be still here.

Anyway. I shot some fun stuff yesterday and today with, I’ll call her, Piper. Piper Ferrell, she’s a wild one. Bendy too, as you can see from the samples here. I guess she’s an accomplished yoga enthusiast and a trained dancer, too. When you see the photos and video you’ll understand what I’m talking about but she’s got a lot of skill, and is one whip smart bitch. I like her a lot. She’s 22 and not shy or stingy at all. I always like the bendy ones.

Dramatic yoga pose.
Dramatic yoga pose.
I didn't even have to ask her for this one. She just did it, to my amazement.
I didn’t even have to ask her for this one. She just did it, to my amazement.

Remembering Nico Elise

Sweet little Nico Elise,
she liked to go by the name “The Female GG Allin”.

In 2008 Nico Elise was a very cute sex model who, at 4-foot-9, was for some reason also going by the title of “The Female GG Allin”. At the time she seemed so vulnerable and fragile I couldn’t know of a less appropriate name for this nice tender little morsel. But there you go. Sometimes these girls just want to dabble in the dark side for a while.

This is one of my very early video interviews and I’m pretty sure I shot it with my Nikon CoolPix non-SLR. I wanted to get a scoop from an up-and-coming new adult video actress, and one day I discovered east-coast model Nico Elise was in California and available in Hollywood for a shoot. I was already well aware of her from another website and I think I’d also been sent a review DVD of a video she was in with Joanna Angel and other big porn names like that.

I cancelled all my other appointments and drove up from San Diego, picking her up on Hollywood Boulevard to take her over to the rented apartment of a writer I knew in film school and living in the area behind the CNN building.

Admittedly, my interview style here is pretty awful. Unable to curb my zeal to talk, I interrupt her a couple of times mid-answer. Bad bad bad interviewer I was, and sometimes still am, unfortunately. I’m trying to get better at it though. Listening to the pro radio journalist Terri Gross on NPR helps. I’ve studied her style pretty well for a while now and she’s about the best when it comes to calmly talking to a subject and waiting for him or her to finish their full answer. Then she’ll come back with a probing interview question that often amazes.

But enough about me and Terri Gross.

Don’t expect any of that magic trickery here though. Nico Elise was a lovely hottie and I’m just a guy with a handheld video camera and a nude model. Here in 2008 Nico was in the middle of getting out of her first marriage, a pretty bad one too. She was hitched to with a porn webmaster that turned out had some real problems with mistreating and disrespecting women. I think today he’s either in jail or up on charges and awaiting trial.

So fast-forward to now: little Nico’s an artist and currently married again — six years going — with a new kid, and she seems to be one-hundred percent happier, and that’s very good for her.

This is kind of a snapshot of where things were at in 2008, which was a tough time for a lot of people. I’m very glad she’s in a better place.

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Nico Elise presents id for proof of age.
Nico Elise presents id for proof of age.
Nico Elise, my art model, 2008, Hollywood, California.
Nico Elise, my art model, 2008, Hollywood, California.

Oregon Roadtrip, 2005

[Journal Archive]

Satan’s Zip Code

Oregon Journey, 2005.

ten years ago, there was an epic road trip to Portland

by Reviewer Rob

Editor’s Note: In early Fall, 2005, I went on an exploratory expedition to the Northwest, driving from San Diego to Portland along the 101 from LA to SF and then up the 5 through Medford and into PDX, stopping finally at the doorstep of Powell’s Books bookstore. This little story is reposted from 9-11-2005 in the Reviewermag Livejournal account, which was, in the days before we had a dedicated website, our way of managing content online. Reviewer has been in print since 1996, and a domain was purchased as early as 2000 or so, but has been webmastering its own site only since 2009.

[Backposted from the same date in Reviewer Rob’s Sporadic Journal.]

I’m still in Portland. I can get back in time to catch the swell if I leave on Tuesday.

I have been meeting with people despite my hellacious head cold, which I think I caught in Medford. Or maybe in Marin, on the north side of the Golden Gate bridge. I had been checking out the Presidio and area around the Golden Gate and said what the hell and drove across it. On the other side there was a lookout point with a statue of a solitary sailor in the middle of it and lots of Japanese tourists acting all excited to be there. There was a fierce cold wind blowing. I mean, it was like you’d expect to feel on a ship in the arctic. This was still the first week in September and I was suddenly very aware of not being in Southern California any more. I put on a sweatshirt and it was still cold. On the water directly in front of the observation deck, down slightly to the right, there was a large rock sticking out of the water, a small shoreless island shaped like half a football jutting vertically out of the water. Plumes of the wind could be seen making small waves in the bay as blasts of air came over the Marin headland and struck the water at what must have been a sharp angle since the ripple pattern fanned out in all directions from a large central location near the rock. I went into a Sausalito dockside restaurant for a large plate of some excellent blackened catfish, beans, rice, salad and a pint of beer. The salad was better than any I’ve ever tasted. I ate every single morsel of this dish as well as the basket of bread while reading the local paper and was full. There was a TV over the bar and the weather man was at the chart. The sound was off but the unmistakable schematic of the Jet Stream could be seen making a high arc up by Alaska, curving down the Canadian Coast, and then going slightly out to sea before making a hard left and entering California right at the mouth of the San Francisco Bay. I know the Jet Stream is a high-altitude phenomenon, but it’s no wonder I imagined I could smell icebergs in that wind.

Berkeley was cold too, didn’t stop there for long. Drove up into the central valley and on for a couple of hundred miles before stopping to sleep.

I went to Medford, Oregon, the next day, and stopped in at a Starbucks to log on where there was a customer coughing. Maybe he’s the one who had something that I didn’t yet have any antibodies for… Or maybe it was the strippers at that one titty bar Medford has. They, like many Oregon erotic dancers, get up close and personal with their marks.

Since it’s a novelty for this California dude to be in a bar where nude girls dance I eagerly went in to this one place of live, erotic entertainment. The girls on stage were rubbing faces, clothed asses and crotches on customer’s faces, bare legs on faces… I was thinking like, “OK, how do I know that last guy on the other side of the stage you were rubbing your twat into his face on didn’t have fuckin pink eye?!”

But the girls were hot, so, I tipped well and drank my beer. I even bought a lap dance from a bright young lady who spent a few minutes before hitting me up for going private to tell me how nice Medford is, how it reminds her of her hometown in Minnesota, and about all the money she’s made over the last couple of years first buying a condo in Sacramento for 90K with her boyfriend and how they sold it a year later for over 100K in profit. Now she lives in Yreka and is a dental assistant. She was short, small breasted and 22, with braces on her teeth and a killer little rockin ass and figure…

Lap dance: $15.

So, anyways…

Here I am now with a huge head cold in Portland, with all these new bugs swirling around me, money in my pocket and time on my hands. The people here are friendly and I’ve met a few I’d like to spend some time with before I make my drive back.

I’ll let you know though if I come down with a case of the Portland Whooping Cough or conjunctivitis.

Oh, by the way, almost forgot, one of the things I like to do in every town I stop in is buy the local Thomas Guide. The only complaint I have about it is that they don’t yet have GPS coordinates on the pages. Other than that the things are invaluable and a great street finding resource even if you have a really good onboard or pocket computer. They come with a CD and every year they update with new streets and the pages correspond year after year so places are easy to find in each edition.

In the Thomas Guide for San Francisco the map for North Beach is on page 666.

Coincidence, you say?

A stripper on stage, photographed by Reviewer Rob,, but not during the roadtrip described in this post.
A stripper on stage, photographed by Reviewer Rob,, in Southern California however, not during the roadtrip described in this post.