Spank Fetish With Hannah

A Leisurely Drive Along The Beach

Before and after Hannah's ass got spanked.
Before and after Hannah’s ass got spanked.
Hannah was in Los Angeles, playing the tourist game with friends and cohorts, seeing what there is to see and doing what there is to do.

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So she and I spent an afternoon shooting nudes and fetish in Malibu and Santa Monica. She’s a pale-skinned Northwest creature of the night from Seattle but she has the really firm ass of a hardbodied yoga-practicing Los Angeleno, and she’d fit right in to the L.A. goth scene here if she chose to relocate. With her level of muscle tone and personal fitness she could even learn to surf or join a beach volleyball team. Although I expect that’s not her style. I always do favor the fitness models. I guess I’ve always been kinda weird that way. I like the muscle bitches.

And I really liked spanking that ass, but we also did some milder video interviews. She talked about a recent Earth Day tribute shoot where she was tied to a tall conifer in Eastern Washington, and also does a tutorial about Sex Magic. I’ll load those up to here or on Vimeo soon, fixing them now. It was a good well-rounded day of fetish and video documentary.

Then there’s a couple of awesome true fetish clips which I LOVE. One is of her shaving her naked pussy while we were parked on the Pacific Coast Highway along the beach just north of Malibu, and the other is of me spanking her ass (see photos below) while we were in my van secreted in a high rise parking garage near the Promenade in Santa Monica. Fun stuff. Those videos are for the Members section.

I’m still smiling about shooting out with her. The glow hasn’t faded for me yet like I’m sure the redness of her butt cheeks. I loved shooting with this one. While we were having drinks afterwards at The King’s Head, a British pub-style bar by the beach, she did my horoscope and we talked about her previous adventures as a band-girl with Psychic TV. This lady has some stories.

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Class is in session: Hannah at Denny's.
Class is in session: starting the day with Hannah at Denny’s.
After a day of fetish.
After a day of nudity and fetish spanking, Hannah Haddix has the bloody red ass to prove it.
Dilated pupil and all.
Dilated pupil and all.
Cropped image of the beautiful fetish model before the spanking. Memebers can ee the full image uncropped and in high resolution
Cropped image of the beautiful fetish model before the spanking. Memebers can ee the full image uncropped and in high resolution
Cropped image of the beautiful fetish model with the tormented ass cheeks after the spanking. Memebers can see the full image uncropped and in high resolution.
Cropped image of the beautiful fetish model with the tormented ass cheeks after the spanking. Memebers can see the full image uncropped and in high resolution.

Indroducing Hannah

Miss Hannah
Magic Maiden

Hannah is an occultist and performance artist in the Northwest that has a story over on the Press Blog, HERE. I’ve posted some examples of her fine art self-portraiture style nudes and public exhibitionist art projects for you to peruse HERE.

I first discovered her on social media, as one often does these days, where she has a Facebook profile that includes lots of semi-nude and nude photos of herself. I was impressed that, one, they were so stylishly done, and two, that Facebook admins kept them up. I expected that the picture folder containing them or even the entire profile would be taken down shortly but here it is over a year later and they’re still up, garnering examination. It goes a long way to showing that this is a very special woman in the art scene.

She’s quite a prolific blog post writer on Facebook too, and hopefully she’ll do a lot more writing that we can enjoy. Her stories about urban occultism and general girlish found-fashion are amusing. And plus she looks really good naked.

As a postscript I should add that one of the most endearing things I like about her online presence is her straightforward guilessness. Hannah’s posts read as a truly open book about her life. Unlike many alternative lifestyle personalities she doesn’t try to hide the less glamorous aspects of her day-to-day and will even write about funny episodes at her work as a waitress with a Muslim boss and horny kitchen staff. Then next time she’ll post about her association with local fringe spiritual scene members, and it’s all done with the same genuinely disarming humor because it’s all part of the entertainment that is Magic Hannah.

Click the pics for the photo gallery.
Introducing Miss Hannah The Magic Maiden
Introducing Miss Hannah The Magic Maiden

Hannah is a Facebool-approved nude art blogger but this one is an example of something that got her put in “Facebook jail” for a month, she said.

Young Mother

Slap That Ass

This single mom was making money on the side as a fetish model so I had her do an over-the-knee spanking shoot. The two-shot here is from when we were starting the session. On the left is her butt pre-spank. At right is obviously after I gave her a good spankin’ with my bare, cupped hand.

Afterwards I took her and her kid out to dinner at a local bar-restaurant of her choice (she knew the area, I was from a much different part of town).

While she and I were waiting for our order and drinking our beers her pre-adolescent son was off climbing around on other tables and up and down the walls, she whined that her butt hurt, haha. Good sport she was, she was still very willing to shoot again. A cool, fun mom.

Bare hand spanking a fetish pro. Before and after photos of her red ass.

Fetish Scans

Putty In My Hands

Shooting with non-models or first-timers is great because they’re like a blank slate. What you put into them is what they have. They’re there to learn from you.

This model was six feet tall without heels on and her personality made her a fetish model for me because she had never modeled before but was totally willing to try anything I asked.

I shot 35mm color film of her and Polaroid. The first image of her standing in my bathroom and holding my shaving razor is a scan of a 4×5″ Sav-On print. The second image is a scan of a Polaroid Instamatic picture, one of several I shot with her, in a pose I instructed her to assume and to which she obediently complied.

Fucking loved this woman. Amazing.

A six-foot tall girl I met while at the ATM in Ralph’s grocery store. She was at college in town here on a basketball scholarship or something, and not a professional model. Pretty much game for anything though. Loved this one too. Here’s a pic of her shaving up her bikini lines with my bathroom supplies.
My six-foot tall model wearing my riding goggles and spreading her knees for me on my couch. Fetish all the way.

Self Portraiture

Okay Fuck It

I always admire the autobiographer-artist. Photographers and writers that consistently insert themselves into their work are a special breed, and one that I wish a could emulate. Sometimes I shoot myself on set, but usually I fall back on my embedded journalistic tendencies to simply record she show, and not become a part of it. Here’s a rare one of me turning the camera on myself, and it was at the model’s urging. We were shooting at her friend’s apartment and there were five or six other males in the house, including my assistant, so after bugging me to take a photo of myself with her I slung her over my shoulder. She was light but I was concentrating on getting the angle right with my Nikon SLR and wide angle pointed the opposite direction while pressing the button, hence the semi-serious expression on my face. Viva aurofocus. If it was video you’d be able to hear her squeals of uncontrollable laughter.

I’m just a shy guy.

When We First Introduced You To Kajira Bound

FIRST TIME VIDEO: Kajira Bound Happily Face Fucking

[Editor’s note: as of now the links to this post have been corrected. They were misdirecting to a dead page but Members can try them again.]

When I met Kajira online back in like 2011 or early 2012 (I’d have to look it up to get the exact timeline) she was living with her boyfriend in the Midwest, making money doing the nude fetish model thing and wanting to get into porn as an adult actress.

I was just looking for a nude art model who wasn’t full of all sorts of rules about what she wouldn’t do.

Man did I find the right one with her. Little did I know I was in for a model that was out of my league, or I was out of my league with her is maybe the right way of saying it. I mean, she was a bondage fetishist that I could in no way keep up with. We had fun though and shot for a few days at my apartment in Ocean Beach. Before she arrived she had sent me some videos of her performing requested fetishistic activities, one being her and her man doing a bj scene on the computer video camera.

Since then she’s done a bunch of work for some major sites and has developed a following so I know a lot of you pervs want to see her “first time”. Here it is.

It’s the first video produced of Kajira Bound, and she’s being delicately throat fucked by her boyfriend. –> Enjoy the show.

Kajira Bound, in her FIRST EVER only video sex scene. Members can click the pic for the video from 2012-ish.
Kajira Bound, in her FIRST EVER only video sex scene. Members can click the pic for the video from 2012-ish.


Light And Shadow

As you know, dear reader, the technique of Chiaroscuro, as developed by the Renaissance masters, refers to how light and shadow adds to a composition. I started out striving to use the principle far more than I do now. But I’m coming back to it. I’ve always liked to play with the shapes of a model’s form in an image and how light wraps around her body, especially at dusk with ambient sun or indoors with minimal illumination.

Some images picked at random, one or two of them I may have posted before but whatever I wanted to use them to make a point:

Fluorescent light and a staircase at night.
After the sun went down, with no flash.
Low light in a gymnastic studio and a contortionist model, show with an analog f1.4 wide open at iso 400 (if I recall).
Video frame grab of a model warming up in between nude photos.

new girl coming

The Recruitment Protocol

Finding new talent for this site can sometimes be a pain in the ass. I’d much rather work with the same girls over and over again. But then there’s the thrill of the chase and the excitement of THE NEW. So there has to be a balance of fresh blood all the time.

And as many of you know I have a certain pattern that I follow when taking on a new girl. First, I chat them over the phone and get a sense of their personality. Then I get their id for proof of age. THEN comes the nude selfies. Gotta have those. The more explicit the better. This is afterall a fetish site. We need to see they can perform.

Below is a pic texted to me at 2 a.m. last night. I like this momma’s shape. It’s not a very erotic photo but she’s naked in the tub (sort of a cliche’ I know but fetishes are like that, sort of weird things we like that we do over and over again) and she IS touching herself. It could be out of natural first-impulse modesty but it could also be the start of a masturbation sequence. Depends on how you want to see it.

Her face isn’t showing here but she’d a beauty, trust me. Wait and see.

New girls should say it wit a selfie. Selfies speak volumes.
New girls should say it wit a selfie. Selfies speak volumes.

two video clips: Piper Feral gets naked on the beach.

Gorgeous Ass: Piper Feral

Members can click HERE for Video One.
Click HERE for Video Two.

Video One: Piper is an art model that I met when she and her girlfriend were part of a group art show in downtown San Diego. Her boyfriend was out of town that weekend and she and her girl had some photos hanging in this group show. We had dinner and then shot nudes in the back room of a tattoo shop that I know the owner of. I love how perfect her body is here. We chat for a while and then she strips as I shoot photos. She was shy about doing “porn” but was okay with getting naked for “art”. We shot this on a beach in Southern California with the cars driving by on Highway 101 on the other side of the rocks behind her, and had to cut it short when someone was spotted coming up the beach at a distance.

Video Two: This clip starts out low light but gets better quickly. We had to pack it up at the first spot we were shooting because some people came walking by so Piper and I went to a spot further down the beach where we resumed are naked public shoot on the sand mere feet away from the asphalt of the Pacific Coast Highway. l love how Piper is so unashamed and un-shy with revealing herself in front of the camera. Most art models don’t spread their beaver so easily.

Piper Feral gets naked on the beach.
Piper Feral gets naked on the beach.
Piper Feral gets naked on the beach.
Piper Feral gets naked on the beach.
Piper Feral gets naked on the beach.
Piper Feral gets naked on the beach.
Piper Feral gets naked on the beach.
Piper Feral gets naked on the beach.
Piper Feral gets naked on the beach.
Piper Feral gets naked on the beach.

More Rope Girl

Fun Afternoon Fetish Action

April, A Sexed Up Southern Belle, Liked It Rough

I really loved meeting this fun red head.

When I shot video with April she had me pick her up at a downtown hotel where she was staying with the guy she was traveling with. Then we went to Home Depot to buy some nylon rope because she explicitly wanted me to tie her up. After that it was off to my apartment (after getting a photo of her by the graveyard showing her tits) and at my apartment she immediately took off all her clothes and rolled up a fat one with some stuff she brought, telling me in a Southern drawl, “You know, back in Alabama this would be illegal.”

Rope Fetish Girl.
The belt she had been wearing on her jeans then became a fetish gear accessory as she fastened it around her neck and instructed me to choke her with it. After a few moments she became impatient and scolded me. “Pull harder!” She wanted it rough, I guess. We wrestled around on my carpet a lot that afternoon and she was surprisingly athletic for such a skinny girl. I shot cellphone video because my Nikon Coolpix picked this time to stop working. I’ll post that later.

She was so much fun. Gorgeous titties, nice ass and a true redheaded freak. Loved this one. A year later I found out she’d become pregnant right after this trip to California and she was a new mommy. I plead innocent.