Remembering Nico Elise

Sweet little Nico Elise,
she liked to go by the name “The Female GG Allin”.

In 2008 Nico Elise was a very cute sex model who, at 4-foot-9, was for some reason also going by the title of “The Female GG Allin”. At the time she seemed so vulnerable and fragile I couldn’t know of a less appropriate name for this nice tender little morsel. But there you go. Sometimes these girls just want to dabble in the dark side for a while.

This is one of my very early video interviews and I’m pretty sure I shot it with my Nikon CoolPix non-SLR. I wanted to get a scoop from an up-and-coming new adult video actress, and one day I discovered east-coast model Nico Elise was in California and available in Hollywood for a shoot. I was already well aware of her from another website and I think I’d also been sent a review DVD of a video she was in with Joanna Angel and other big porn names like that.

I cancelled all my other appointments and drove up from San Diego, picking her up on Hollywood Boulevard to take her over to the rented apartment of a writer I knew in film school and living in the area behind the CNN building.

Admittedly, my interview style here is pretty awful. Unable to curb my zeal to talk, I interrupt her a couple of times mid-answer. Bad bad bad interviewer I was, and sometimes still am, unfortunately. I’m trying to get better at it though. Listening to the pro radio journalist Terri Gross on NPR helps. I’ve studied her style pretty well for a while now and she’s about the best when it comes to calmly talking to a subject and waiting for him or her to finish their full answer. Then she’ll come back with a probing interview question that often amazes.

But enough about me and Terri Gross.

Don’t expect any of that magic trickery here though. Nico Elise was a lovely hottie and I’m just a guy with a handheld video camera and a nude model. Here in 2008 Nico was in the middle of getting out of her first marriage, a pretty bad one too. She was hitched to with a porn webmaster that turned out had some real problems with mistreating and disrespecting women. I think today he’s either in jail or up on charges and awaiting trial.

So fast-forward to now: little Nico’s an artist and currently married again — six years going — with a new kid, and she seems to be one-hundred percent happier, and that’s very good for her.

This is kind of a snapshot of where things were at in 2008, which was a tough time for a lot of people. I’m very glad she’s in a better place.

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Nico Elise presents id for proof of age.
Nico Elise presents id for proof of age.
Nico Elise, my art model, 2008, Hollywood, California.
Nico Elise, my art model, 2008, Hollywood, California.