Fashion Model Lee

Runway Model On The Loose

I came across these old photos from a few years ago, winter 2010 I think. They were during a time when I was trying to do a half a dozen things at once all the time and always had several full SD cards of shoots with models on hand that I had yet to edit.

I met Lee at a local designer’s fashion show I was covering for print. She was a standout for me because I immediately saw her uncommon sexy waist-to-hips ratio, and her lovely eyes. Her lips too, she had those lips.

Small boobs, like many runway models, and she was rather petite at 5-6 or so, but what mad up for it was the gorgeous shape of her figure. I think she told me she was of Lebanese extraction. A really a fine model, this one. Yeah, this girl was fun to shoot.

My assistant and I went over to the downtown San Diego loft apartment she was at a few days after the fashion show she walked in and I shot some moody art pics and did some video interview clips with her. I really liked how a lot of them turned out. Experimental in every way but we had fun, as you can see.

Here’s a few of them.












My assistant holds the flash.








Miss T. And Her LUCIFER Tattoo

[Tattoo Art]

Miss T. Had D-cup Boobs

and a black cat “Lucifer” tattoo

Miss T. was a gorgeous slightly crazy nude art model girl I met while buying new shoes for my mom in 2006. She was working the cash register at Macy’s, I think it was, in the Sports Arena area (it’s been torn down and replaced with a Ralph’s grocery store now).
My mom was staying with me in Point Loma and wanted me to get her some new shoes as a gift. She was elderly, in her eighties, and getting more and more girl-like as she got older. So it was like taking my child shopping. Only it was my mom.

Anyway, T. was the one at the cash register and I was immediately impressed with her blond cheerleader good looks. She was about 19 and had a thin body and D-cup boobs under her tight shirt.

She also had this big white smile and a wild look in her eye while maintaining proper posture behind the cash register. One of the only things I remember her saying to me, while my mom was standing right there and I asked T for the womens’ shoe department, was she suddenly and inexplicably blurted out the words, “bend over!” This was nine years ago so I don’t remember the exact context, or what was said before and after that. But it did seem kind of kray kray, as they used to say, especially with the way that she had a smiley blue-eyed look while saying it. My mom ignored the comment, the way she’d ignore most weird things she didn’t understand, which was more and more often as she aged (she passed away in 2007), and I let it slip by momentarily too. But I filed a mental note because, hey, a crazy blue-eyed hottie is worth further investigation.

I walked my mom over to the shoes section so she could browse and then quickly moseyed back to Miss T and asked her for her phone number. In a day or so we met up and shot some nudes. Turned out she told me she’d had experience doing this before, being a nude model…
Her body was perfect, tight, firm, and she had only one tattoo that I saw. It was a black cat above her pussy with “Lucifer” in stylish goth lettering. Perfect.

Got to love the bold and kray ones.

CHECK IT OUT: I’m starting up an ART PHOTOS section for picture stories HERE. I’ll fill up stories in the X Blog too and link them to the Art Photos section, so there’ll be SOME overlap. But most of the ones in this new part will be less “nude” and “erotic” and more for tame audience viewing. Not that from what I’ve seen many of you good people are all that tame. But that’s another story.

Lilly Raine and her Amazing Butt Trick!

Ample Ass

Lilly Raine Shakes Her Beautiful Big Booty, Boldy.

When Lilly Raine worked as a cocktail waitress in a strip club the dancers taught her a thing or two about shaking her ample ass cheeks. This girl is gorgeous and a real sweetie to watch. Seriously, she’s the best.

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Lisa Suckdog Carver Performed Au Naturel

[Art History]

“The Crazy Bitch Came Through”

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by Krk Dominguez

I know you’re not here for a history lesson, but I’m not getting paid to entertain with a full floor show.

If you people can put a wrapper on this concept- the story will be palpable. These images were captured back in the dark ages, some 20 to 25 years ago, before the internet, before digital cameras: before Bill Gates could buy small countries.

I was fortunate enough back then to have been a nerd. I read a lot of zines edited by strange and compelling people or mean and nasty folk. Anyway you dice it, I ended up corresponding with a Lisa Suckdog over at Rollerderby (corresponding = me ordering a t-shirt & a couple issues of said rag). Her zine in particular was seductively odd (Google it, I’m lazy).

So, in one of her zines a buncha pictures pop up of her on stage nude with some weasel-looking punk named Costes. Of course they played it off as art. Only god will ever truly know what kinda shit they were ingesting at the time such a concept was conceived. But, to their credit, they took the show on the road and an LA date was scheduled.

When the time came – sure enough the LA Weekly got a hold of it and the word spread like herpes at a Grateful Dead parking lot, “Deranged naked chick on stage with drunk Frenchman”. Needless to say her LA debut had vast more in attendance than Sound Garden’s did, albeit her audience seemed less concerned with monitor feedback.

The crazy bitch came through. Out of the hundreds of gigs that I documented I will probably always remember some of this night. I would go into detail for you, but it would require some math and I doubt the majority of you went to high school. YouTube it or ask Larry Hardy…

~ Krk Dominguez – Huntington Beach, Ca. – 6/8/10 – 9:37 AM

Below: photos by Krk of alt-writer Lisa Carver (Vice Magazine as well as numerous books) and her then-husband Costes onstage as SUCKDOG.

Lisa Carver, pre-nudity in punkrock performance.
Lisa Carver, pre-nudity in punkrock performance.
Lisa Carver, upstage of Costez. Before the internet, when print and live performance were king.
Lisa Carver, upstage of Costez. Before the internet, when print and live performance were king.
Lisa Crystal Carver and her punkrock opera SUCKDOG, doing their thing somewhere in LA in the early 1990’s , before the nude part of the show begins…
Lisa Crystal Carver and her punkrock opera SUCKDOG, doing their thing somewhere in LA in the early 1990’s , before the nude part of the show began.

Editor’s Note: this was originally published on the Reviewer Press Blog.

adult industry announcement: Bitcoin Porn Sites

[Press Release]

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Asphyxia Noir, new stuff: smoking fetish

[Ass Fix]

You Love To See Asphyxia Noir Do Anything.

Now Watch Her Puff

Asphyxia Noir is an amazingly talented artist. Any shoot with her is guaranteed to yield a grip of good material. She’s the most natural and smooth performer in front of the camera, and everything comes so easy for this girl. The shoot I did with her in May was amazing. She’s so good she basically took over direction of the video clips when I was pretty buzzed from the Maker’s Mark.

She’s perfect and a rare gem. We love her.

Smoking Fetish With Asphyxia Noir

The SMOKING FETISH is HERE for all you pervy lovers of the tobacco products. But you’ll need to be a member to enjoy all four minutes and seventeen seconds of her lighting up and sucking down for you, as long as you’re a member.

If you’re not yet a member you can at least check out these non-nude pics of the beautiful Asphyxia Noir looking stunningly hot in the fetish dress and mask I brought for her to try on, before taking it off and donning a sexy kimono for this explicit nude video clip…

Asphyxia Noir, Studio City, May 2015, on Reviewer TV.
Asphyxia Noir, Studio City, May 2015, on Reviewer TV.
Asphyxia Noir, Studio City, May 2015, on Reviewer TV.
Asphyxia Noir, Studio City, May 2015, on Reviewer TV.
Asphyxia Noir, Studio City, May 2015, on Reviewer TV.
Asphyxia Noir, Studio City, May 2015, on Reviewer TV.

18 minutes with Lilly Raine

[Members’ Video]

Gorgeous Ass And Foot Fetish

Here’s an archive video of Lilly Raine, a nice art model that was beginning to dabble in adult video when we shot with her a while back in like 2011.

I’ll have to look around for the original video because this HTML5 .mp4 file isn’t the highest resolution. I shot it on a Nikon CoolPix non-slr and then converted it to a .mov to make it into an .flv for flash which was the way things were being done until recently. But it’s still pretty good, especially when she’s done shaving and painting her toenails on the carpet.

I think she’s maybe 20 or 21 in this — totally over 18 of course — and she was definitely hot. Lilly Raine shaves her beautiful pussy’s bikini lines for us (she had a girl-girl shoot that was scheduled the next day) and paints her toenails before posing on the rug, stretching and doing a back bend, then bending over and spreading her legs to expose her incredibly wet vagina. Check it out. This luscious brunette is very hot and very wet. She’s an incredible turn-on and a beautiful model we’ll never forget.

Foot and ass fetishists will appreciate this. And all you pussy shaving pervs are in for a winner. This girl delivers.

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Art model Lilly Raine naked on the rug.
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Ashley shoots a solo video

[Members’ Archive]

pixie Ashley performing after work in private

Members click the pic below for the video...
Members can click the pic at the bottom of this story for the video…

So, HERE’S the video of pixie girl Ashley going at it with herself on my bed, shot I think sometime in 2008.

At about 1:09 she turns her head toward the camera suddenly because the cameraman (me) had a boner under his shorts and it accidentally thwacked against her left foot that she had sticking out off the side of the bed during a casual move around her for another angle that shot down her body from her head.

The idea was to get her to “squirt” but she said it was hard to do without “help.” Stupidly I wasn’t aggro enough to volunteer. But the video is still good. Ashley was a topless dancer looking for day work that answered an ad I had on Craigslist where I was looking for a laborer on my job site. As described in a previous post, mostly green-card bearing migrant labor with some under-employed white construction workers have traditionally filled this role in the past but in 2008 and 2009 there was a dip in helper availability while the Tea Party waged war in the media on Mexicans. So I tried posting an ad on the internet to fill a gig opening.

I brought her on a job site where there was another crew doing a remodel and when she asked to use the bathroom and was told where it was but that it didn’t have a door on it she laughed and said, “that’s fine,” and unashamedly got in there and pulled her pants down while the guys just stopped working for a few seconds and stared with their jaws open.

She looks good naked here. I should have kept in touch.

Members can click HERE or on the relatively work-safe picture below for the uncensored vid-ee-oh.

Click the censored and details-obscured photo if you're a member and watch Ashley on my bed as she grinds to relieve some stress after work. Haha.
Click the censored and details-obscured photo if you’re a member and watch Ashley on my bed as she grinds to relieve some stress after work. Haha.

Ashley After Work

Job Site Cleanup

by Reviewer Rob

Ashley was a surprise when I needed help on the job site a few years ago and turned to Craigslist for a day laborer.

As many of you know, not all is non-stop glamour here at Reviewer. Between hired shoots and magazine ad sales I do other gigs designed to put groceries on the table while still leaving a flexible schedule. Many of my jobs require a second and third person to clean up on a job site so I don’t have to do all the lifting. Well, any lifting is usually more like it. Unemployed construction workers and migrant labor have traditionally filled this role but in 2008 and 2009 there was a dip in helper availability (the Tea Party was waging war in the media on Mexicans) so I decided to try posting an ad on the internet to fill a gig opening in my crew.

Ashley was a girl in her mid twenties that stripped part-time at Pacers and answered my ad. I assume she needed to supplement her dancer wages. Either that or she was slumming for fun as a grunt worker.

She and her boyfriend lived in North Park near the old post office but after work we went to my apartment in Ocean Beach to have her get naked and shoot video — long story. I think I paid her $10 per hour for the day and she didn’t even charge me extra for the solo video and erotic photos. She provided ample valid id and cheefully signed a release and everything.

Not sure where she is now. I think her and her boyfriend took off for Texas or Georgia or somewhere that had more affordable rents.

I’ll post some of her pics and the solo video in the member’s section soon. It’s pretty rad. Ashley was rad… Somewhere there’s also photos we shot of her in some t-shirts that were sent to me for a fashion review from a Philadelphia punkrock t-shirt company. I had her model them while wearing no panties. Pretty sure at least one of those ran in print in Reviewer too, although it was cropped or shot in a way that nothing showed.

Ashley after work...
Ashley after work…

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