Miss T. And Her LUCIFER Tattoo

[Tattoo Art]

Miss T. Had D-cup Boobs

and a black cat “Lucifer” tattoo

Miss T. was a gorgeous slightly crazy nude art model girl I met while buying new shoes for my mom in 2006. She was working the cash register at Macy’s, I think it was, in the Sports Arena area (it’s been torn down and replaced with a Ralph’s grocery store now).
My mom was staying with me in Point Loma and wanted me to get her some new shoes as a gift. She was elderly, in her eighties, and getting more and more girl-like as she got older. So it was like taking my child shopping. Only it was my mom.

Anyway, T. was the one at the cash register and I was immediately impressed with her blond cheerleader good looks. She was about 19 and had a thin body and D-cup boobs under her tight shirt.

She also had this big white smile and a wild look in her eye while maintaining proper posture behind the cash register. One of the only things I remember her saying to me, while my mom was standing right there and I asked T for the womens’ shoe department, was she suddenly and inexplicably blurted out the words, “bend over!” This was nine years ago so I don’t remember the exact context, or what was said before and after that. But it did seem kind of kray kray, as they used to say, especially with the way that she had a smiley blue-eyed look while saying it. My mom ignored the comment, the way she’d ignore most weird things she didn’t understand, which was more and more often as she aged (she passed away in 2007), and I let it slip by momentarily too. But I filed a mental note because, hey, a crazy blue-eyed hottie is worth further investigation.

I walked my mom over to the shoes section so she could browse and then quickly moseyed back to Miss T and asked her for her phone number. In a day or so we met up and shot some nudes. Turned out she told me she’d had experience doing this before, being a nude model…
Her body was perfect, tight, firm, and she had only one tattoo that I saw. It was a black cat above her pussy with “Lucifer” in stylish goth lettering. Perfect.

Got to love the bold and kray ones.

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