When We First Introduced You To Kajira Bound

FIRST TIME VIDEO: Kajira Bound Happily Face Fucking

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When I met Kajira online back in like 2011 or early 2012 (I’d have to look it up to get the exact timeline) she was living with her boyfriend in the Midwest, making money doing the nude fetish model thing and wanting to get into porn as an adult actress.

I was just looking for a nude art model who wasn’t full of all sorts of rules about what she wouldn’t do.

Man did I find the right one with her. Little did I know I was in for a model that was out of my league, or I was out of my league with her is maybe the right way of saying it. I mean, she was a bondage fetishist that I could in no way keep up with. We had fun though and shot for a few days at my apartment in Ocean Beach. Before she arrived she had sent me some videos of her performing requested fetishistic activities, one being her and her man doing a bj scene on the computer video camera.

Since then she’s done a bunch of work for some major sites and has developed a following so I know a lot of you pervs want to see her “first time”. Here it is.

It’s the first video produced of Kajira Bound, and she’s being delicately throat fucked by her boyfriend. –> Enjoy the show.

Kajira Bound, in her FIRST EVER only video sex scene. Members can click the pic for the video from 2012-ish.
Kajira Bound, in her FIRST EVER only video sex scene. Members can click the pic for the video from 2012-ish.

The Runners Legs

Form & Function

This girl was an attractive non-model that I met in San Diego and photographed solely because I liked the muscle tone to her legs. She was a competitive runner who I invited back to my place hoping to do nudes, but not counting on it because I sensed it would be her first time naked in front of the camera. We did two shoots. The first time was in the evening the day after we’d met and it went well although she was having a hard time loosening up. I was able to get her nude but she was laughing and tense in an excited I-can’t-believe-I’m-doing-this-now sort of way.


As we finished she suggested we shoot early in the morning after she ran because her body would have less water weight to it, or some reason like that. So we made plans to shoot the next day. I overslept and woke up to her calling my cell phone saying that she was knocking on my door but no one was answering. Jumping out of bed, I let her in, apologizing and saying I was an asshole.

This time she knew exactly what we were doing and quickly undressed, asking me if I wanted any oil on her skin. I said yes and my heartbeat picked up a bit. Her body looked like a finely tuned machine. I needed photos of it.

The picture below was exactly what I’d wanted. When I told her this her smile was a real thing of beauty. I had been looking to do this shot for a few weeks before I met her and just needed the right subject. It took a while to get because the model had to be gently coaxed into this position but this is it as far as gesture and lighting goes.

She had asked me if I wanted her to take off the ankle chain. “No,” I said, “it looks great.”

The Runners Legs
The Runners Legs

Barbie and Ken get naked

It Was To Be An Intimate Couples Shoot

These guys contacted me and were pretty hip to do a couples shoot on the beach at sunset, then afterwards they wanted to take some intimate nudes at my place. They both provided valid id’s for proof of age and signed the models’ releases so I agreed to do it with them.

Back at my place I cleared a spot on the living groom floor and put out a blanket for them to get down on and pose together and then had him spank her ass a bit. She had a really cute ass. He was getting into it and was clearly having a good time when she gritted her teeth and suddenly blurted out to her boyfriend, “enjoy it while you can!,” because in private she’d not likely be spanked so passively.

I got the impression that being naked with each other was something they were very used to but that doing it in front of a stranger was a new experience. As is often the case with real couples there was the thrill of performance and after getting over the initial awkwardness it looked like it was fun for them to try out. I don’t know if they ever went on to any other professional actual nude modeling work but this was something to cross off their bucket list.












Art Photos

[First Time]

Anything In Pursuit Of Art

“Art Photos” — the phrase sounds kind of pretentious now because it’s so overused. But when I started out shooting naked girls it was really what it was all about. Long before pay sites were a thing. This is, we’re talking, 1987. That’s when I shot my first nude photo. It was this woman who lived in my neighborhood of Carlsbad when I lived on Acacia Avenue a couple of blocks away from the beach. I made her acquaintance through a friend of hers that I’d met on the beach.

She knew I was interested in drawing nudes (that’s how it started, I was into art) and she referred her friend to me, a tall woman of about 5-9 with a studio tan and curly golden hair. Total California beach-mama. She was in her mid 30’s so about twelve years older than me and had had at least one kid. We were in my apartment bedroom and she was laying on my bed naked and I was doing a pencil sketch of her when she asked me if I had a camera. “Yes I do,” I said. “Why?”

“I want you to take a picture of me doing a back-bend.”

I was 23 years-old and if she hadn’t asked me I was too shy to ever ask her. So I got my Nikon off of my desk and made sure it was loaded. It usually was because at the time I was always shooting nightclub photos for a local alternative arts quarterly magazine. But I wanted to make sure because I didn’t want to blow my big chance. She got up off my bed and readied herself on the carpet. I put the viewfinder up to my eye and she spring up into position: a perfect back arch with her right knee pointing to me, her head tilted way back and her tits pointing up at the ceiling. This was the late 1980’s so girls weren’t shaving then and her big dishwater-blonde bush covering her cunt was gloriously revealed. I know that sounds vulgar but it’s appropriate here.

Somewhere I still have the 4×6″ color Kodak print of this photo from the Sav-On developing center on El Camino Real that I used those printing coupons for. Archived somewhere else is the negative.

It was admittedly a pretty slow and timid start but it took a female asking me to take her photo before I got rolling in this game. I’m really glad she did too. I love women’s nudes. Over the years some of these girls have turned out to be a bit crazy — some in a good way and some maybe not — but I love all of them. And I’ll always love the art.

Below is a photo of another female nude, not the one described above but a girl in her mid-twenties that I shot a few years back when I lived in another beach community in Ocean Beach. It was shot at my Sunset Cliffs apartment.

new model Taylor Haze

So… Taylor Haze.

I need to get on these updates, I know.

I thought I had posted this already. I think I did but then it got deleted somehow, probably when we changed servers or something. Anyhow here it is, the glorious Taylor Haze gallery from that time she came over as a brand spanking new nude model seeking adult work. There’s a video around here somewhere that I’ll format and post later but for now check out her sexy tanned legs and rocking firm ass.

This was like a couple of years ago and I think she’s probably moved on to other things in her life now and might have left the adult modeling behind. Sometimes these girls do it for a little while when they want to have some wild fun and see if it’s something they can do, then they get it out of their system. Others do it for a while longer and make as much money as they can and either go on to work for some of the larger companies or else do it part-time and keep it as a low-key part of their life. I think Taylor was the former rather than the latter. I got the feeling from her that she was just doing this to have a wild phase and not to pursue it as a “career” per-se.

I should have kept up with her but after our shoot other models and activities took priority and I lost her phone number. I’m kind of a dooshbag I guess. It was fun to meet her though for this night that she had me hire her for. She came over to my apartment in Ocean Beach late one night and we shot some photos and did some real explicit fetish clips. The girl was not shy at all. She was in great physical shape and had super firm legs and a nice rock-hard ass that she used to full effect. She had several tattoos in traditional old-school dark blue that were all subtly placed, attractive and really creative, each one having a story that went with it. She said her intention was to get as many tattoos as she could.

Taylor Haze was and is a super sexy California beach girl that will give you an immediate boner.

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New model Taylor Haze seeking the adult work.
New model Taylor Haze seeking the adult work.