Fetish Scans

Putty In My Hands

Shooting with non-models or first-timers is great because they’re like a blank slate. What you put into them is what they have. They’re there to learn from you.

This model was six feet tall without heels on and her personality made her a fetish model for me because she had never modeled before but was totally willing to try anything I asked.

I shot 35mm color film of her and Polaroid. The first image of her standing in my bathroom and holding my shaving razor is a scan of a 4×5″ Sav-On print. The second image is a scan of a Polaroid Instamatic picture, one of several I shot with her, in a pose I instructed her to assume and to which she obediently complied.

Fucking loved this woman. Amazing.

A six-foot tall girl I met while at the ATM in Ralph’s grocery store. She was at college in town here on a basketball scholarship or something, and not a professional model. Pretty much game for anything though. Loved this one too. Here’s a pic of her shaving up her bikini lines with my bathroom supplies.
My six-foot tall model wearing my riding goggles and spreading her knees for me on my couch. Fetish all the way.