Indroducing Hannah

Miss Hannah
Magic Maiden

Hannah is an occultist and performance artist in the Northwest that has a story over on the Press Blog, HERE. I’ve posted some examples of her fine art self-portraiture style nudes and public exhibitionist art projects for you to peruse HERE.

I first discovered her on social media, as one often does these days, where she has a Facebook profile that includes lots of semi-nude and nude photos of herself. I was impressed that, one, they were so stylishly done, and two, that Facebook admins kept them up. I expected that the picture folder containing them or even the entire profile would be taken down shortly but here it is over a year later and they’re still up, garnering examination. It goes a long way to showing that this is a very special woman in the art scene.

She’s quite a prolific blog post writer on Facebook too, and hopefully she’ll do a lot more writing that we can enjoy. Her stories about urban occultism and general girlish found-fashion are amusing. And plus she looks really good naked.

As a postscript I should add that one of the most endearing things I like about her online presence is her straightforward guilessness. Hannah’s posts read as a truly open book about her life. Unlike many alternative lifestyle personalities she doesn’t try to hide the less glamorous aspects of her day-to-day and will even write about funny episodes at her work as a waitress with a Muslim boss and horny kitchen staff. Then next time she’ll post about her association with local fringe spiritual scene members, and it’s all done with the same genuinely disarming humor because it’s all part of the entertainment that is Magic Hannah.

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Introducing Miss Hannah The Magic Maiden
Introducing Miss Hannah The Magic Maiden

Hannah is a Facebool-approved nude art blogger but this one is an example of something that got her put in “Facebook jail” for a month, she said.