More Rope Girl

Fun Afternoon Fetish Action

April, A Sexed Up Southern Belle, Liked It Rough

I really loved meeting this fun red head.

When I shot video with April she had me pick her up at a downtown hotel where she was staying with the guy she was traveling with. Then we went to Home Depot to buy some nylon rope because she explicitly wanted me to tie her up. After that it was off to my apartment (after getting a photo of her by the graveyard showing her tits) and at my apartment she immediately took off all her clothes and rolled up a fat one with some stuff she brought, telling me in a Southern drawl, “You know, back in Alabama this would be illegal.”

Rope Fetish Girl.
The belt she had been wearing on her jeans then became a fetish gear accessory as she fastened it around her neck and instructed me to choke her with it. After a few moments she became impatient and scolded me. “Pull harder!” She wanted it rough, I guess. We wrestled around on my carpet a lot that afternoon and she was surprisingly athletic for such a skinny girl. I shot cellphone video because my Nikon Coolpix picked this time to stop working. I’ll post that later.

She was so much fun. Gorgeous titties, nice ass and a true redheaded freak. Loved this one. A year later I found out she’d become pregnant right after this trip to California and she was a new mommy. I plead innocent.