new model Taylor Haze

So… Taylor Haze.

I need to get on these updates, I know.

I thought I had posted this already. I think I did but then it got deleted somehow, probably when we changed servers or something. Anyhow here it is, the glorious Taylor Haze gallery from that time she came over as a brand spanking new nude model seeking adult work. There’s a video around here somewhere that I’ll format and post later but for now check out her sexy tanned legs and rocking firm ass.

This was like a couple of years ago and I think she’s probably moved on to other things in her life now and might have left the adult modeling behind. Sometimes these girls do it for a little while when they want to have some wild fun and see if it’s something they can do, then they get it out of their system. Others do it for a while longer and make as much money as they can and either go on to work for some of the larger companies or else do it part-time and keep it as a low-key part of their life. I think Taylor was the former rather than the latter. I got the feeling from her that she was just doing this to have a wild phase and not to pursue it as a “career” per-se.

I should have kept up with her but after our shoot other models and activities took priority and I lost her phone number. I’m kind of a dooshbag I guess. It was fun to meet her though for this night that she had me hire her for. She came over to my apartment in Ocean Beach late one night and we shot some photos and did some real explicit fetish clips. The girl was not shy at all. She was in great physical shape and had super firm legs and a nice rock-hard ass that she used to full effect. She had several tattoos in traditional old-school dark blue that were all subtly placed, attractive and really creative, each one having a story that went with it. She said her intention was to get as many tattoos as she could.

Taylor Haze was and is a super sexy California beach girl that will give you an immediate boner.

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New model Taylor Haze seeking the adult work.
New model Taylor Haze seeking the adult work.