Self Portraiture

Okay Fuck It

I always admire the autobiographer-artist. Photographers and writers that consistently insert themselves into their work are a special breed, and one that I wish a could emulate. Sometimes I shoot myself on set, but usually I fall back on my embedded journalistic tendencies to simply record she show, and not become a part of it. Here’s a rare one of me turning the camera on myself, and it was at the model’s urging. We were shooting at her friend’s apartment and there were five or six other males in the house, including my assistant, so after bugging me to take a photo of myself with her I slung her over my shoulder. She was light but I was concentrating on getting the angle right with my Nikon SLR and wide angle pointed the opposite direction while pressing the button, hence the semi-serious expression on my face. Viva aurofocus. If it was video you’d be able to hear her squeals of uncontrollable laughter.

I’m just a shy guy.