Light And Shadow

As you know, dear reader, the technique of Chiaroscuro, as developed by the Renaissance masters, refers to how light and shadow adds to a composition. I started out striving to use the principle far more than I do now. But I’m coming back to it. I’ve always liked to play with the shapes of a model’s form in an image and how light wraps around her body, especially at dusk with ambient sun or indoors with minimal illumination.

Some images picked at random, one or two of them I may have posted before but whatever I wanted to use them to make a point:

Fluorescent light and a staircase at night.
After the sun went down, with no flash.
Low light in a gymnastic studio and a contortionist model, show with an analog f1.4 wide open at iso 400 (if I recall).
Video frame grab of a model warming up in between nude photos.