What’s Really Going On Behind The Curtain

[stripper story]

(A co-worker slips me something unexpected but oh so sweet.)

short story by Abby
Entry #1

“It must be the glasses or something, but I always confuse you for her,” Devin has an arm around each of our arched behinds, his eyes shining through a mess of a mane and facial hair. “So which one is the evil doppelganger?” he asks. Maria grabs one of my breasts in each of her hands and laughs as she squeezes them, “How could you confuse these for these?” She pulls open her draping black lace gown to unveil her pierced pink nipples. It’s true, you’d have to be very drunk to mistake her A-cup for my double-D’s. Devin shrugs and insists he must have been paying more attention to our faces then our bodies.

I haven’t talked to Maria much before in my time at the club, but I don’t forget she’s the only girl I’ve ever bought a lap-dance from myself. There’s always a little pat and tickle that goes on between the girls for the benefit of the patrons; girls are allowed to be naughtier with each other then with the men for “entertainment” purposes only, of course. I don’t admit to anyone that the dances I do with other girls are a huge turn on for me. I don’t want to cross any lines where I work so I make sure everything I do appears to be “strictly business.”

Devin escorts both Maria and I to the bar where Maria announces a need for a round of shots. I try to pass but Maria keeps stroking my arm as she talks. I try not to hope that this means anything. The mark is obvious, and it’s not me. Yet, she keeps finding reasons to touch me, even when Devin isn’t looking. “You know,” I tell Devin, “this is the only girl here that I’ve ever paid my own money to get a dance from.”

Abby sharing nudes with her high roller customers.
Abby sharing nudes with her high roller customers.

I cough taking the first pull off my shot and spill a few drops on the top of my cleavage. This detail isn’t lost on Maria. She doesn’t skip a beat before she bends her lanky body to my chest and takes a long, slow lick. My plans with Devin for a half hour private champagne room turns into a three-way event with Maria coming along as well. I’m excited, but doing dances with another girl is always a tricky situation. In Oregon strip clubs, full nudity is a must, especially in the back rooms. It’s usually safe to assume the men have an “anything goes” attitude, but you never know what another girl will say about you to the rest of the girls when the dancing and posturing is done. It’s competitive work, so usually it’s best to err on the side of caution. However, Maria was standing over Devin with her pussy on his mouth before I was even out of my clothes.

I lay in front of Devin on a chair with a leg on either side of him, playing with myself and finding myself a little jealous watching them, but then again, I wasn’t the paying customer. Then Maria stepped down from the bench towards me and put one of her legs between my spread ones so that one of my pussy lips rubbed against one of hers as she bent over my chest to suck one of my nipples into her mouth. I could feel her hot and wet from being sucked on as she rubbed herself on my leg. Devin put a finger up inside her without warning. I waited for the scripted reaction I’d come to expect, and sure enough, Maria grabbed Devin’s hand and threw it back at him. “Lick it first,” she demanded. He didn’t hesitate. My fear of crossing boundaries then, was gone.

Maria stood one leg up on the bench as Devin pumped his fingers in and out of her. I sat naked on my knees, grabbing her androgynous little ass in my hands and licking the length of her pussy lips before sucking her hard clit into my mouth. She couldn’t help but squirm with Devin and I going at her from both sides. I thought momentarily about being at work and that maybe Maria would think I was crossing the line, but then she grabbed my hair and pulled my face harder into her warm cunt. My nose rubbed on her clit and her musk made my own pussy ache for reciprocation.

I squeezed her ass and pulled her cheeks apart to spread her pussy lips with them. Ducking under her raised leg to face her ass, I sucked Devin’s fingers as he pulled them from Maria and plunged my tongue into her in their place. Devin lifted me from my kneeling position to press my ass against the hard cock in his jeans. Moving his hands to my hips he lifted and pulled me harder and harder onto his bulge.

Maria had me straddled again, chewing on Devin’s ear as she used two fingers to rub my clit as hard and as fast as she could. Then she knelt between my legs as I had done with her, clawing at my thighs and sucking my pussy lips hard into her mouth. “I know what you want,” Maria looked up at me from between my legs. Devin was still dry humping me, and hard. I remember hating that I wanted to fuck so badly but couldn’t. I didn’t care that Devin was kind of an ugly, mountain man fuck. I wanted a dick in me. I wanted to have it plunge inside me and I knew I could cum off that first stroke, if only.

I didn’t know that Maria had Devin unzipped and his cock angled at my pussy until I brought my ass down to dry hump him again. He was inside me. I was shocked with pain and pleasure as his large cock pushed inside me. Devin held me there as I tried not to make a sound. Other club patrons were walking by and mingling just outside the curtain. It was very difficult not to moan. Maria, still kneeling between my legs, licked the base of Devin’s cock protruding from my pussy and up to my clit. “You like that don’t you, you little whore?”

I could feel my pussy tighten against the cock inside of me. I was so surprised, and dammit I was at work, I could get fired. The notion just made my pussy pulsate even more. “How does it feel to be a little prostitute?” Maria continued, “You know you’re getting paid for this fuck, don’t you?” She sucked the base of Devin’s cock again, still exposed. I could feel her hot tongue playing at my pussy lips stretched around it.


I could feel her hot tongue playing at my pussy lips stretched around it.

“Do you want me to take it out?” Devin whispered behind me. My cunt clenched at the notion. I wanted him to move it so badly. Fear flashed briefly in my mind, that I might be caught and lose my job. But I could feel the cock throbbing inside of me and lust won out over proper work etiquette. The mountain man asked the question again, enunciating slowly this time, his words and breath hot in my ear, “Do you want me to take my fucking cock out of that hot little pussy of yours?” I shake my head vigorously as Maria gave a wicked giggle. With this, Devin didn’t wait any longer. He put a hard grip on each of my ass cheeks and slowly pushed and pulled them forward and back, sliding me up and down on his cock. “All you have to do is tell me to stop and I will,” he said. Maria stood over me again, alternating biting Devin’s neck and shoving her tongue into my mouth. I grab her hair, biting her lips and neck as she rubbed my clit as fast as she possibly could while Devin pulled me up and down on his cock as hard and deep as possible.

I came. My whole body lost control of itself and felt like all of my nerves are firing at once. My pussy contracted on Devin’s cock. I started to flail and Maria pinned my arms as Devin continued to penetrate. My pussy poured cum down the base of his cock more and more with each individual stroke. “Oh, fuck yes,” I trembled. Maria kept at my clit without any sign of slowing. “You fucking little whore,” she said again to me. Her fingers slide on each side of my clit as her palm pressed hard into it. Then she grabbed the base of Devin’s cock and rotated it inside of me.

Then came the knock at the door: “Five minutes, kids,” said the bartender, letting us know our time was nearly finished. Simultaneously, Maria, Devin, and I all shout out the same: “Okay, thank you.”

I knew better than to ask for a stripper’s phone number, so we all got cleaned up and dressed, and went on our way. But I’d definitely remember Maria for another day.

Abby getting paid for being a "dirty little whore."
Abby getting paid for being a “dirty little whore.”