Young Mother

Slap That Ass

This single mom was making money on the side as a fetish model so I had her do an over-the-knee spanking shoot. The two-shot here is from when we were starting the session. On the left is her butt pre-spank. At right is obviously after I gave her a good spankin’ with my bare, cupped hand.

Afterwards I took her and her kid out to dinner at a local bar-restaurant of her choice (she knew the area, I was from a much different part of town).

While she and I were waiting for our order and drinking our beers her pre-adolescent son was off climbing around on other tables and up and down the walls, she whined that her butt hurt, haha. Good sport she was, she was still very willing to shoot again. A cool, fun mom.

Bare hand spanking a fetish pro. Before and after photos of her red ass.