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smoking fetish

Smoking fetish
Smoking fetish

Club days

“Out & About”

by Reviewer Rob

Back when I began shooting photos seriously I was indiscriminate about meeting girls in bars and clubs when I was shooting photos for the local alt-scene paper. If I spotted one that looked good to me I’d get her number and we’d hook up the next day, shoot photos, and sign a release. It was easy and fun. I didn’t think of it as anything else but creating art for consumption by the general public. All I wanted to do was shoot. In the meantime I took lots of photos of interesting people with my 35mm’s from 1989 until 2005 when I shifted over to digital.

I recently came across a stash of prints from my Sav-On coupon developing days. The gallery is up in the member’s section HERE.

Club days, meeting girls in bars and taking photos of them...
Club days, meeting girls in bars and taking photos of them…
Club days, meeting girls in bars and taking photos of them...
Club days, meeting girls in bars and taking photos of them…
Club days, meeting girls in bars and taking photos of them...
Club days, meeting girls in bars and taking photos of them…

Interview Transcript: Lilly Raine

Rob introducing Lilly Raine

Scroll halfway down this post for the video.

Art model Lilly Raine naked on the rug.
You want to see a bit more of this good stuff, right? Join us.

[Lilly Raine is at my kitchen table on my laptop looking through a list of girls on a website she had worked for in Tampa because she is trying to show me some of her previous work. ~Rob]

Lilly: Hi. [turns and smiles]

Rob: And she’s a fetish model, she’s logging on to a website where she’s done fetish modeling and she’s got some experience doing that.

Lilly: I just moved here into San Diego about 8 months ago, but before I moved to San Diego I was in Florida — Tampa, Florida, where I did mostly fetish type modeling, bondage– stuff like that, but I haven’t recently done anything like that, I’m kinda starting to get back into it– and right now I’m logging onto this website for this guy that I used to work for over in Tampa– [Looks at laptop screen while navigating a fetish site she was on]

Rob: We’ll keep the camera turned on you so we don’t give somebody too much free publicity while we’re– [laughs]

Lilly: Yeah. I hope I’m still on here because honestly it’s been about a year since I’ve worked with him so–

Rob: Wow, he’s got a lot of girls.

Lilly: He’s got a lot of girls, yep.

Rob: So you would get paid a flat rate and then he would sell them through a broker website?

Lilly: It wasn’t a flat rate it was more like depending on what I did, that was the hourly rate. So like if I was to do–

Rob: Yeah, tell us what you did.

Lilly: Well yeah, like I did like fetish– so like every week, for instance, guys would e-mail– email– his name was Tony. People would e-mail him and they would let him know what they wanted to see that week and from which girl. So the more that I worked with him, the more guys I got e-mailing him about me, saying, “Hey I wanna see Lilly Raine–” Which was the name that I went by back then- “I wanna see Lilly Raine sneeze.”

Rob: Sneeze?

Lilly: Yeah like, there’s like an incredible amount of like fetishes that these guys are into. You know sneezing– Um like the–

Rob: Crushing food with your bare feet?

Lilly: Yep, crushing, they’re called crush videos I think or like stomp videos or something– Um obviously the foot fetish type stuff, um walking into the door and tripping and falling and saying, “Oww I hurt my ankle.” You know what I mean?

Rob: Oh really? [laughs]

Lilly: Damsel in distress type stuff. Yeah like, getting tied up, things like that. Um I’m trying to find– [looking at computer screen]

Rob: You seem like maybe some of it was kind of weird–

Lilly: Some it was kind of weird. [laughs]

Rob: I mean was there any that you kind of thought, “This is cool, I like this.”

Lilly: Yeah, yeah.

Rob: Some of it you liked? Well, what did you like?

Lilly: I honestly, I liked the smoking videos because there was a lot of guys that really liked– that were really turned on by like girls smoking a cigarette.

Rob: Yeah, you didn’t mind smoking, you’re a smoker.

Lilly: I do smoke, so I– it was just like look into the camera and– [imitates holding a cigarette and makes sexy smoke blowing face]
You know what I mean– give like a real sexy like kinda thing like that, and it was really a lot of fun for me.

Rob: How long would the clips be, how long would an average video be?

Lilly: [pulling hair behind shoulders] Um, about 4 to 6 minutes.

Rob: Okay.

Lilly: And per clip, um– what we would do is it would probably be an hour– usually my entire shoot was about 4 hours long, and during those 4 hours we would usually do about 2 hours of fetish clips, two hours of bondage clips. So we would do like, one 6 minute sneezing clip, one six-minute– you know, stubbed toe clip, one 6 minute smoking clip– and you know what I mean we would just kind of like fill up the hour that way. And I would then in return get paid for um– depending on what it is or depending on what he was getting paid for the clip usually I got paid anywhere between 50 and 150 hour. And it wasn’t even really about the money I thought it was fun because honestly some of the stuff I had to do it wasn’t even– it was just natural things like a lot of people are just really interested in–

Rob: A pretty girl doing normal things.

Lilly: Exactly, just the girl next door doing just natural things, um, you know– shaving her legs or smoking a cigarette, or painting your toenails.

Rob: Did you ever shave your armpits?

Lilly: I never did that.[Rob laughs] I never shaved my armpits. [smiling] Um, there was a girl who– I never actually had to throw up, but there was a girl who could like throw up on cue–

Rob: Oh, wow.

Lilly: And there was a guy that really liked to watch her throw up. [laughing lightly]

Rob: Ewww!

Lilly: So she would then get paid to throw up, on camera.

Rob: And the sneezing– the stubbing your toe, it sounds like it would be kind of repetitive, I mean did you have to do it for 6 minutes straight and like rev up another sneeze?

Lilly: It was kind of like– well no I mean, um, some of it was real but most of it was faking because I could just fake a really good sneeze. [laughs] Like I could just be like– [slowly covers mouth with hand and squeezes eyes tight amd fakes a heavy sneeze] “Achoo!”

Rob: [laughs heartily] That’s pretty good!

[Lilly then covers mouth and acts out a series of fake sneezes for the camera]

Lilly: Do you know what I mean? [smiling] And they’d like to see and then you know sometimes they would like to see me kind of go like this [pushes breasts together to show cleavage while fake sneezing]

Rob: Nice, nice. That’s funny.

Lilly: It was just like– it was fun.

Rob: I guess that’s why they call them fetishes you know, they’re kind of hard to explain.

Lilly: They are hard to explain but at the same time, you know– it was a good time that I had back then. I’m trying to find um– [looking at computer] there used to be a search engine on here where you could just search for one of the models but I can’t find it.

Rob: So what are you gonna do for us today? We’re gonna do some photos we’re gonna do some videos, we’re gonna do a little bit of toenail painting some shaving– just basic fetish stuff and just kind of explore the whole imagery here with Angie our new model.

Lilly: Yes, so– I don’t know I guess we’re going to be painting toenails, we got some nice sexy high heels here today.

Rob: Yeah, got a great deal on those.

Lilly: Yes, two dollars! [laughs]

Rob: Two dollar high heels, huh? They look vintage or something.

Lilly: And um, yeah I guess that’s it so we’re gonna get started and um, stay tuned, we’ll see what’s to come. Bye! [camera turn away and clip ends]

Members can see the 18-minute Premium video HERE.

Piper strips fire

Piper Strips Naked And Spins Fire in a Tattooist Studio

She’s incredibly limber and her acrobatics are on display here. She puts her whole body out there for the camera. I’ve been sitting on these for a little while, but now that we’re re-launching the website I’m going to post the gallery and have the link available for members. (You have to be a member to see her a spinning fire.)

Click HERE for the full hi-rez photo gallery, over 400 amazing photos!

Lilly Raine Ass & Pussy!

Cunty Butt

A video frame GALLERY of Miss Lilly Raine and her dripping wet pussy is up. Good god she’s got a sexy hot juicy twat! She shaves her pubic region in my shower (saying bashfully, “Not even my boyfriend gets to see this!”) and then paints her toenails on the dining room floor. She stretches out some yoga style moves as she does a back bend and unashamedly bends over deeply for the camera.

The 18:44 minute-long Members video, previously posted as flash, where these images were taken from is HERE as an mp4 coded now in html.

For the video frame gallery CLICK HERE OR ON THE PICS BELOW.

Lilly Raine
Lilly Raine

Lilly Raine
Lilly Raine

Lilly Raine
Lilly Raine

Lilly Raine
Lilly Raine

new Stephanie Stungun HTML5 video link

Ok, the video is uploaded now.

Behod the lucious incredible natural mammaries of Stephanie Stungun now as she talks about the legalization and appeal of cannabis HERE in the MEMBERS section.

Stephanie Stungun skinterview, boobs.
Stephanie Stungun skinterview, boobs.

Stephanie Stungun skinterview, backbend.
Stephanie Stungun skinterview, backbend.

Stephanie Stungun hottittyaction!

Hello sportsfans! I’ve re-coded a video comp of nursing school student Stephanie Stungun and her incredible boobs. It’ll be finished and uploaded to the MEMBERS section in a few moments.

In it she strips and does a naked pro-recreational cannabis interview on camera (she is an advocate and, if I remember, a campaigner for total legalization). It’s not often nature gives a girl breasts these amazing. Unlike you total boobs fetishists I’m not an Only Boobs kind of guy — small titties and fake titties are fine too, it’s all about the lady’s personality and sex drive — but if Steph was my girl I’d make her pregnant just so I could nurse on her ALL DAY LONG. Seriously!

Stephanie Stungun
Stephanie Stungun

Stephanie Stungun
Stephanie Stungun

Stephanie Stungun
Stephanie Stungun

Stephanie Stungun
Stephanie Stungun

Stephanie Stungun
Stephanie Stungun

Stephanie Stungun
Stephanie Stungun

Members Content: Kajira Climaxes

Dildo Grinding Videos

These two videos of Kajira Bound appeared previously but it was before the whole URL changeover. So I needed to get them up again.

Kajira is one sexy hot bitch in this scene where she fucks herself on my living-room carpet in front of a large mirror I set up for her.

Damn she looks good! Her frothy pussy is fucking gorgeous… I bought the vibrator toy for her after she picked it off the shelf at Barnett Avenue Adult Superstore in San Diego.

Here’s the links again, properly coded and indexed now:

Straight-on View, 19:04 minutes

Overhead View, 20:35 minutes

Kajira Bound on my living room floor.
Kajira Bound on my living room floor.

Kajira Bound on my living room floor.
Kajira Bound on my living room floor.

Kajira Bound on my living room floor.
Kajira Bound on my living room floor.

Kajira Bound on my living room floor.
Kajira Bound on my living room floor.

Kajira Bound on my living room floor.
Kajira Bound on my living room floor.

Kajira Bound on my living room floor.
Kajira Bound on my living room floor.

Palomino Club, North Las Vegas: still full nude with booze

Palomino, North  Las Vegas
Palomino, North Las Vegas

Club Review: Palomino, NLV

by High Plains Hipster

So I’m in Las Vegas and was at the legendary Palomino Club earlier today at 6 pm. It was my first time there. I’d found it on TUSCL last month and saw it was nude with alcohol (edit: two days later I don’t recall seeing if they had hard liquor as that’s not my usual request but they did have a full ice cabinet of beers). I’m always planning another Vegas road trip so I called the bar from my city in Southern California. Some low-bass voiced dude answered and confirmed they were indeed serving alcohol. He sounded suspicious at first when I asked if they were full nude but when I told him where I was traveling from he knew it was a novelty for me so he mellowed and said, “We’re the only one, we’re grandfathered in.”

I’d found an actual legacy bar from before the laws changed concerning nude entertainment. So here I was, at the only full nude stripper bar in the Southwest US that I know of, and I’m the only customer in the place. No doorman checked my id, no one asked me to pay a cover. I wandered down the hall alone and turned left, where I found the bar, happy to see a couple of ladies sitting at it. They’d just opened it looked like, and as my eyes adjusted from the sunlight outside I counted 6 or 7 girls plus one friendly brunette female bartender. I have this weird time travel fantasy that I’ll never fulfill where I go back to the mid-1970’s in California and bar hop the nude stripper bars there before they shut down or give up their liquor licenses. The girls will all have tan lines and full hairy muffs and gas will be 60 cents a gallon. What’s Vegas about if not helping you attain unattainable fantasies?

I ordered a glass of Blue Moon on draft for $8 (plus a $2 tip for the bartender) and the girls were friendly and attractive. Very attentive too, as it was early on a Monday and I was the only mark there. Two hot young sexies (both blonde-ish if I can recall in that light) were sitting at the bar and made me right away for a Vegas tourist. As I was ordering a beer one asked me where I was from. I told her and she asked me what I was doing in Vegas. I thought for a moment and said, “I don’t know.” I simply wanted to avoid briefly going into ponderous detail but they both laughed. The other one said, “That’s what most people are doing when they come to Vegas,” or something topical like that.

Erin came by and asked me for a dance first. At least I think that was her name. I better type it here before I totally forget. We talked for a while about the usual, where I was from, what I did for work, how long she’d been dancing there. She had no plans of attending EDC (which is on now) because she’s not into techno at ALL, instead likes rock and hiphop — this white girl was way more into hiphop, it seemed. Out of curiosity I pumped her for what you can get in the privates. She told me the deal but when I asked her about the $20 dances she said those were only topless and no two-way. In the private dances it was full nude and touching was two-way. You can touch anywhere but ‘down there’ except for a ‘drive-by’, she laughed. I asked what a drive-by was and she gestured with her hand over her crotchal area and laughed again, adding “You just can’t…” she chuckled, letting her explanation trail off so as to not explicitly describe heavy petting or finger banging.

I told her I only came in for a beer and to check the place out, that I’d heard about the Palomino from TUSCL. I asked her if she knew about the site. She didn’t and yes she wanted to see it. I logged in on my phone and as we read a review of the place she worked at she seemed appreciative. In the light of my handset I caught a closer look at her pretty face and saw her perfectly drawn eyebrows. I also noticed what looked like maybe a small cold-sore healing up on her lip. After she got turned down by me and began to leave she was graceful and told me to prepare for lots flyby requests, saying I’d be “assaulted by other dancers” for the same thing. She wasn’t wrong; right after she left the seat a tall blonde Nina Hartley 1999 lookalike sauntered over and made her pitch.

Side note: there had been a tense but slightly funny moment earlier when Erin and Nina Hartley 1999 engaged in a small wordless battle to see who’d get first crack at me. Petite Erin won although tall Nina was closer to me at the bar and almost in my neighboring stool. Erin had tried a few moments before to wave me over to her table closer to the stage, and was now moving in sharklike, so she had priority. Stripclub diplomacy among dancers makes for smooth sailing.

Nina was a pro who said she’d worked there for 23 years. You could see the miles on her face but her body looked good and lean. I have to admit I felt the pull as she told me about how fun the privates were and gave me a casual one handed massage on my shoulder. The $20 dances were just a tease, she said. The real fun is upstairs in the privates, 3 for $100. I waited and thought about it. I was enjoying her hand working my shoulder, but then finally said, “No I’m just going to have my beer.” She almost snapped to attention, said okay as her smile vanished and immediately walked back to her chair.

By this time another customer had come to the bar, a young happy/chatty hipster dude with a twangy drawl. So I finished my beer and left the girls in his company. I think I might definitely be back on a night when they’re busier. The girls looked good, more aggressive than I prefer, but I’d like to see what kind of show they can put on at this anachronistic one-of-a-kind venue.

Members video links from last years’ batch

Hello sportsfans. Not sure if I posted the links to these individual Members clips before but if I did, here they are again because it makes me happy every time I see them.

The lovely occultist, chaos magician and cult leader Hannah Haddix shaves her pussy in my parked minivan on the Pacific Coast Highway somewhere north of Malibu beach. Then she gets the naked skin of her gluteal muscles (her beautiful firm ass) spanked by me in a darkened parking structure. Click below for the clips. I smile whenever I watch these and wish I could shoot with Hannah every day. Enjoy the experience, you pervy pervs:

Shave, 4:40 minutes

Sexy Hannah Haddix shaves her pretty pussy for you art pervs.
Sexy Hannah Haddix shaves her pretty pussy for you art pervs.

Spank, 3:26 minutes

Hannah's spanked in my minivan.
Hannah’s spanked in my minivan.