Lilly Raine Ass & Pussy!

Cunty Butt

A video frame GALLERY of Miss Lilly Raine and her dripping wet pussy is up. Good god she’s got a sexy hot juicy twat! She shaves her pubic region in my shower (saying bashfully, “Not even my boyfriend gets to see this!”) and then paints her toenails on the dining room floor. She stretches out some yoga style moves as she does a back bend and unashamedly bends over deeply for the camera.

The 18:44 minute-long Members video, previously posted as flash, where these images were taken from is HERE as an mp4 coded now in html.

For the video frame gallery CLICK HERE OR ON THE PICS BELOW.

Lilly Raine
Lilly Raine
Lilly Raine
Lilly Raine
Lilly Raine
Lilly Raine
Lilly Raine
Lilly Raine

Young Mother

Slap That Ass

This single mom was making money on the side as a fetish model so I had her do an over-the-knee spanking shoot. The two-shot here is from when we were starting the session. On the left is her butt pre-spank. At right is obviously after I gave her a good spankin’ with my bare, cupped hand.

Afterwards I took her and her kid out to dinner at a local bar-restaurant of her choice (she knew the area, I was from a much different part of town).

While she and I were waiting for our order and drinking our beers her pre-adolescent son was off climbing around on other tables and up and down the walls, she whined that her butt hurt, haha. Good sport she was, she was still very willing to shoot again. A cool, fun mom.

Bare hand spanking a fetish pro. Before and after photos of her red ass.

Coming Back To Adult Entertainment

Rory Tonic: Still Skinny After A Litter Of Kids

Rory Tonic finds herself missing the thrill of the porno limelight, as one does, ten years after her video debut in Dana Dearmond’s ROLE MODELING, from Eon McKai’s briefly managed VIVID ALT. It was a big first time on screen and had a lot of people talking. Then, just as fast as she appeared, she dropped out of the adult industry at the age of 20.

Back in the days of Myspace I was a bit fixated on the antics of the East Coast Baltimore/D.C. porn crew at Supercult. I enoyed a vicarious thrill from their gritty no-bullshit heavily tattooed adult-realityshow messageboard lifestyles. Then, slowly at first, things changed. Members got jobs or moved away, got married, had kids or got serious about their careers. Facebook soon made Myspace inert and their messageboard grew un-updated and eventually went offline.

Time passed and I watched Rory Tonic get pregnant on Facebook. Recently I asked her to text some selfies to me from her phone for LesRevue and to see what her body looks like at 30 years-old after giving birth to two or three kids. I was impressed. The hot little art model is still as lean and rad as she was back in her alt-porn message board days of 2006 to 2009. Looks like she picked up some tips with the lighting and posing too from her time with the pornographers as well.

“I see these pictures from AEE in Vegas and I miss all that,” Rory said to me over the phone, clearly pining to get back on set and film. Maybe she and her boyfriend will shoot some more good POV action like the video clips she sent along with these pics. The video I’ll keep to myself, for now. But enjoy the show, and let’s hope Rory makes it back to Art-Pornville.

The innocent smile of Rory Tonic.
Rory Tonic, 21 selfies, click the pic for the explicit members gallery of her today