Fetish Scans

Putty In My Hands

Shooting with non-models or first-timers is great because they’re like a blank slate. What you put into them is what they have. They’re there to learn from you.

This model was six feet tall without heels on and her personality made her a fetish model for me because she had never modeled before but was totally willing to try anything I asked.

I shot 35mm color film of her and Polaroid. The first image of her standing in my bathroom and holding my shaving razor is a scan of a 4×5″ Sav-On print. The second image is a scan of a Polaroid Instamatic picture, one of several I shot with her, in a pose I instructed her to assume and to which she obediently complied.

Fucking loved this woman. Amazing.

A six-foot tall girl I met while at the ATM in Ralph’s grocery store. She was at college in town here on a basketball scholarship or something, and not a professional model. Pretty much game for anything though. Loved this one too. Here’s a pic of her shaving up her bikini lines with my bathroom supplies.
My six-foot tall model wearing my riding goggles and spreading her knees for me on my couch. Fetish all the way.

new girl coming

The Recruitment Protocol

Finding new talent for this site can sometimes be a pain in the ass. I’d much rather work with the same girls over and over again. But then there’s the thrill of the chase and the excitement of THE NEW. So there has to be a balance of fresh blood all the time.

And as many of you know I have a certain pattern that I follow when taking on a new girl. First, I chat them over the phone and get a sense of their personality. Then I get their id for proof of age. THEN comes the nude selfies. Gotta have those. The more explicit the better. This is afterall a fetish site. We need to see they can perform.

Below is a pic texted to me at 2 a.m. last night. I like this momma’s shape. It’s not a very erotic photo but she’s naked in the tub (sort of a cliche’ I know but fetishes are like that, sort of weird things we like that we do over and over again) and she IS touching herself. It could be out of natural first-impulse modesty but it could also be the start of a masturbation sequence. Depends on how you want to see it.

Her face isn’t showing here but she’d a beauty, trust me. Wait and see.

New girls should say it wit a selfie. Selfies speak volumes.
New girls should say it wit a selfie. Selfies speak volumes.

Crazy Luka

Incoming: freaky crazy Luka

Sometime tonight I am going to write a news piece about a “hot stripper that is returning to Vegas”. She asked me via Facebook to post pics and write a kind of press release for her about this. She goes by the name of Luka and looks to be a freaky ball of sex and trouble. Luka says she wants to do gang bang porn and make money working the stripclubs of Sin City and dealing in the casinos, and then go back to her oil field job in Alaska during the off season, so we’ll see. All I know is I have to get my laundry done now and then finish up my 2015 taxes tonight and make a dent in two mainstreamish reviews for the Press blog before handling this special request. (Didn’t work out that way; still haven’t gotten on my taxes yet.) The things we do for lust.

As most often happens I met her online when she sent a friend request to me after seeing my association with an mentally disturbed alternative writer who was in a self-destructive spiral. Things like that often spark the libido of these stripper bitches, that and drugs. Although I’m not a user, she is, shortly after beginning our correspondence three years ago she got pregnant and married in quick succession.

Now I found out her marriage has imploded and she’s been kicked out of her house and her parents have custody of her kids. So she’s looking for a new start, heh heh. I’m here to help.

The pictures I’ve seen of her now (she texted me some nudes back then and recently with scantily clad selfies) looks like her young early-to-mid twentysomething figure has stayed intact. So hopefully we’ll meet up soon in Vegas or LA and get some content for you dear readers hungry for her sweet naked flesh.

We. Shall. See.

#pussygrabbing #porngirls #titsassandpussy

Crazy Luka.
Crazy Luka.
Crazy Luka.
Crazy Luka.

coming soon: Piper

Members’ content coming up

This is a fine 22 year-old recent graduate of University of California, Berkeley. Look for her photo set soon in the members’ section. Not a member yet? Aww, join now.